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How to join the Maude and District Landcare Group.

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News, 12 Jun 2019,

LVI Annual General Meeting - 2019

Over 90 delegates, members and guests attended the 2019 LVI AGM to hear Lucinda Corrigan, Chair of Farmers for Climate...

News, 8 Apr 2019,

Updated Code of Conduct Available

Landcare Victoria Inc.has updated our Code of Conduct based on member and stakeholder feedback.

Project Update, 9 Oct 2018,

Landcare Voices: 9th Interview Available!

Doug Richens and Ed Adamson were both involved in the early days of the Farm Tree movement.

Project Update, 9 Oct 2018,

Landcare Voices: 6th Interview Available!

Bob Edgar, worked first for Soil Conservation Authority and then community liaison for the Department of Conservation, Forestry and Lands.

Project Update, 9 Oct 2018,

Landcare Voices: 4th Interview Available!

Greg King, the second Farm Trees Officer at VFF, is the latest interviewee in our Landcare Voices project, part of...

News, 3 Jul 2018,

LVI Insurance Summary 2018-19 now available

All LVI Member Groups who have completed their membership renewal for 2018-19 are covered by this LVI insurance package.

News, 25 Jun 2018,

Your chance to present at the 2018 National Landcare Conference

This is your opportunity to share key learnings, provide insight, generate discussion and contribute to building a better tomorrow.

News, 25 Jun 2018,

Walker Swamp Restoration Reserve Funding Campaign

Lets restore the Wannon River floodplain!.

News, 13 Sep 2017,

Community Skills Development Grants

Community Skills Development Grants will strengthen the capacity of volunteer community-based environment groups and networks through supporting learning, development and...

News, 19 Jul 2017,

Become a member of Friends of the Forgotten Woodlands

For anyone who especially loves Silver Banksia, Drooping Sheoak and Sweet Bursaria – or any other woodland species really!.

News, 29 May 2017,

Roll up - Roll up! Here's the latest Corangamite Landcare News

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News, 29 May 2017,

Founding member recognises community potential

Roger Hardley has been involved in Landcare since its inception in 1986.

News, 29 May 2017,

A role for everyone

Barongarook Landcare Group’s long-serving treasurer Jan Healey is happy filling an administration role, she says that’s her skill.

News, 29 May 2017,

Landcare's grass roots approach motivates new otways group

A group of Otways farmers’ passion for building a local food economy was the foundation of a new Landcare group...

News, 29 May 2017,

Coastal work has its rewards

Protecting a rare native orchid, working with passionate volunteers and creating habitat for the endangered Rufous Bristle-bird are among the...

News, 29 May 2017,

Group has the runs on the board

Timboon’s Alan Kerr, a retired strawberry farmer in the predominantly dairying region of south-west Victoria, thinks the local Landcare group...

News, 29 May 2017,

All part of farming

Foxhow sheep and cropping farmer of 50 years, Bill Charles, identified the changing climate as the current focus of the...

News, 24 Apr 2017,

2017 Volunteering Recognition Awards - 12th May.

Stawell Urban Landcare Group nominated.

News, 9 Nov 2016,

Digital Landcare Meetings

Kiewa Catchment Landcare is now using online or digital Landcare committee meetings regularly.

News, 14 Oct 2016,

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