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News, 9 Aug 2022,


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News, 25 Jan 2020,

AGM held on 15th January 2020

News, 17 Jul 2019,

Communities Environment Program

The Communities' Environment Program has been announced!.

News, 1 Jul 2019,


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News, 19 Apr 2019,

Indian Myna project receives funding

This project is dedicated to the preservation and welfare of indigenous cavity- nesting birds and marsupials via the reduction of...

News, 10 Apr 2018,

Landcare Group’s Innovation Recognised

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group has been recognised for their innovation, energy and commitment to building community through conservation.

News, 17 Feb 2018,

Report from Ian Sluiter received

The survey commissioned by ourselves in preparation for revegetation between Whiting Street, Wentworth Road, Main Avenue North and opposite Winery...

News, 24 Apr 2017,

2017 Volunteering Recognition Awards - 12th May.

Stawell Urban Landcare Group nominated.

News, 20 Apr 2017,

2017 Environmental Achievers Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2017 Environmental Achievers Awards!.

News, 9 Nov 2016,

FotG Newsletter November 2016