This project has finished

This project started on 28 Jul 2017 and finished 28 Jul 2017

The showers had fallen throughout the night but we awoke to a windy but sunny Friday morning over at Greenfields Reserve.
Gabrielle had organised weeks before for the planting areas to be sprayed, and just prior to the event mulch had been spread where it was possible for a machine to cross and not get bogged!
Arriving around 8am the team was soon into action.
Simon and Zac drilling holes, Graeme laying out the seedlings, with Josh and Sam shadowing him and dropping guards and stakes.
The rest of us were setting up the tent, tables, laying out equipment and the necessary paperwork, putting out direction road signs, and arranging cups, flasks water etc.
Pam in the meantime was out taking photographs so we would have the before and after shots.
Once again Bunnings came to the fore, supplying us with 60 pairs of Grubs gloves, and as you can see from the photograph they were certainly appreciated.
The Moriac Primary School Grade 3 and 4 students arrived just before 10.30am, and after a quick chat and mandatory safety talk they were soon walking down the track ready for action. Separated into groups they were given a planting and guarding demonstration and then sent off to work alongside other members of the community who had joined us on the day. In all 75 pairs of hands!
Work it was, but the chatter, and laughter was infectious.
Back at the tent Terry was setting up for the BBQ lunch.
Bakers Delight had provided us with the bread, and Torquay IGA was once again prepared to give a substantial discount for the sausages, veggie burgers, and boxes of apples and bananas.
Brian joined Terry and the cooking started.
Meanwhile back on site the planting groups were moving across the site and the clean up crew were picking up spare equipment and planting pots.
12.30pm and over 1000 seedlings were in the ground and guarded. This was less than we had planned for but some seedlings had just not grown enough to risk planting at this stage. They will go in over the next month or so.
With water buckets, soap and towels blocking their path, the students took off their gloves washed their hands and were soon lining up for lunch, ably distributed by Pam, Brian and Terry. It was great to hear so many students say thank you and have a smile on their face as they were handed their lunch.
With plenty of sausages and veggie burgers, followed by carrot cake, bananas and apples everyones appetite was satiated.
As the event concluded there were many thank you’s and soon the students were once again in line ready for their return to school, this time holding a chocolate frog. A small reminder of how todays effort might contribute to improving the environment for our native fauna.

Thank you to everyone involved, we now look out for further funding so we can plan for Stage Two!