Torquay Landcare Group

Our purpose

Group established 1982

The Torquay Landcare Group is committed to sustainable management of local natural resource assets. We have an emphasis on protecting catchments, streams and remnant vegetation to ensure the associated wildlife corridors maintain a diverse and healthy environment.

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Our committee

Margot Galletly
Lesley Evans


Dianne McQuinn
0407 358 495

Regions we're part of

Region 1

Upcoming events

Group event 31 May 2019

'Cafe Champignon'

Exploring the Clandestine World of Fungi.

Group event 1 Jun 2019

'Earthly Incarnations'

Fungus Discovery Workshop.

Group event 2 Jun 2019

'Visualising the Environment'

A Reflective Lens on Environmental Photography - Workshop.

Past events

Group event Event ended 16 May 2018

An Introduction to the Fungi of Forests and Farms

This highly interactive seminar will delve deep into fungal realms to explore the significance of fungi in our local forests...

Group event Event ended 29 Oct 2017

Revisiting Greenfield Reserve

Back to Greenfield Reserve to plant out the seedlings that were too small to go in during our last planting...

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Group news and project updates

News, 9 Jan 2019,

An Introduction to the Fungi of the Forest and Farm

Fungi, a world of kingdoms, ecosystems, landscapes, underworlds, fear and joy!.

News, 9 Jan 2019,

Moriac Primary School planting at Greenfield Reserve

400 seedlings, mulching, and cleaning up last years work, all to be completed in a few hours!.

News, 9 Jan 2019,

2018 Quiksilver Foundation and Torquay Landcare back to Spring Creek

The team is back to Spring Creek filling in the gaps and tidying up previous years plantings.

News, 12 Oct 2017,

2017 Spring Creek revitalised

The Quiksilver Foundation and Torquay Landcare Group celebrate a 10 year relationship, with another planting along Spring Creek.

IMG_0735 5.jpg

Above: The Torquay Landcare tent

News, 29 Sep 2011,

Are local Eucalypts dying?

Major defoliation of Eucalypts are linked with the cup moth caterpillar.

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