East Gippsland Shire Council supports Paynesville Landcare Coastcare Group

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Sunset Cove walkers at Paynesville may be wondering about the recent temporary track closure at this popular spot. The closure was to allow East Gippsland Shire Council and East Gippsland Water to widen access past the boatshed, commonly called the ‘A frame’.

Widening this section of the track allows local authorities to better access this section of foreshore, and it will assist the Paynesville Landcare Coastcare Group (PLCG) in maintaining and improving the track and foreshore. The upgraded track is now accessible to people with prams and those with mobility difficulties and thanks are due to Council and East Gippsland Water for the excellent work undertaken.



After - and now ready for replanting

PLCG volunteers have already carried out a number of energetic working bees to remove weeds such as Boxthorn, Cotoneaster and Coprosma at the Eastern section of this 1.5 km long track, and numerous trailer loads of Dodder (which has been killing Melaleucas) from the middle section. Future working bees include replanting with suitable vegetation in these degraded areas, together with the surrounds of the upgraded track.

The Paynesville Landcare Coastcare Group has developed a long term Management Plan for the maintenance and upgrade of this public reserve and the Plan has been supported by East Gippsland Shire Council, the Department of Environment and Primary Industry, East Gippsland Water and others.

April 2014