When the Working Bee is Over.....

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On Saturday May 17th we had our first weekend working bee and it was well supported. We removed two very full trailer loads of mirror bush, cotoneasters, dodder and other invasive species from the western end of the track.

Once we wind up the working bee, have a tea or coffee and a chat, you think it is over. However, for some dedicated members the work goes on and I would like to thank the Abbotts and Underwoods for hauling the fruits of our morning's labour to the tip. Their working bee lasts a lot longer and without their generous input all we would have is big piles of weeds lying on the ground.
We have now taken delivery of the seedlings from Landcare, and Rosie and David Abbott have the daily care and watering of 400 seedlings until we get them in the ground. We are therefore running fortnightly planting sessions until they are all in the ground and then we will go back to normal, however since this morning's meeting we have decided to alternate between Fridays and Saturdays to give as many members as possible the opportunity to participate.
The first planting session (weather permitting) will be on Friday May 30th at 10 am. We will primarily be planting grasses into the areas made available by killing the kikuyu at the eastern end of the track. We would really appreciate the support of as many members as possible, because 400 seedlings is a lot!
Russ Peel