Broom and Gorse Mapping & Gall-mite Distribution



Omeo VIC



Lisa Lee

Broom and Gorse Mapping Project.

To download complete the online Broom & Gorse Mapping Online Survey, please click on the scroll down to the attached file.

In October, the BDPO Group and the Glen Valley Gall-Mite Group will be cutting and distributing broom with active gall-mite on it, into areas with broom, where spraying is not possible. The distribution will occur on the 24th of October in locations determined by interest from the community, but likely to occur in Cobungra, Victoria River, Bundar, Omeo Valley, Hinnomunjie, Cassilis, Tablelands and Benambra. If you want it – please tell us roughly the square meters you need it for.

The gall-mite (Aceria genistae) is native to Europe and a natural enemy on Broom species and Gorse. The mite is active within the Mitta Catchment, where it does reduce the vigor of the plant, reduces seed and will eventually kill the plant. The gall-mite will be effective over a long period if we work together. This should not replace spraying the plants where you can access them. Please be in contact with me asap.

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