This project is live

The Mitta to Murray Landcare Network (M2MLN) established the community driven Mitta to Murray Blackberry Action Group (M2MBAG) for Collective Action to Manage Blackberries across our Community in 2011.
The program, initially funded by the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce, aims to tackle the spread of blackberry, a classified noxious weed, in targeted areas in North East Victoria.
The program is focused on providing support to landholders to manage blackberry on their properties and help them to meet their legislative obligations.
How do we do this? We have adopted a community approach that harnesses the power of people joining together to achieve the common goal of protecting the agricultural value of our farm land and preserving our natural environment for all generations.
Our Steering Group consists of representatives from nine Landcare Groups, farmers, private plantation owners, and public land managers from the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce, Dept. Primary Industries, DELWP, Parks Victoria, North East CMA, Goulburn-Murray Water and the Towong Shire.
Please join your neighbours in taking action to reduce the growth and spread of blackberry. Long term, permanent control requires a planned approach to address this major threat to agricultural production and our environment.

During 2015 the M2MLN Network went into recess, however the role of the network will be continued by the M2M Blackberry Action Group which has become a separate entity.

How to get involved: Contact our Blackberry Project Officer, Paula Sheehan who will visit your property and map the blackberry infestations on your land, help you to develop an individual blackberry management plan and provide you with information on control methods. You decide what you will do over the next three years to manage blackberry on your property within your budget and available resources.
You are encouraged to contact Paula on 0407 873 396 or via email
Your continued support is greatly appreciated.