Mudgegonga and District Landcare Group

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Our purpose

Group established 1994

The group covers the areas of Barwidgee Creek, Mudgegonga and Rosewhite. The Mudgegonga and District Landcare Group formed in 1994, and has been undertaking a wide range of activities and projects in the area since then, including pest control, gully and stream frontage erosion control and soil health.

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Regions we're part of

Region 1
North East

This group is part of

LVI: Landcare Victoria Inc
Ovens Landcare Network

Upcoming events

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Past events

Volunteer opportunity Event ended 29 Aug 2009

Help revegetate Mudgegonga & Rosewhite

Mudgegonga & District Landcare Group need your hands to plant over 5000 trees and shrubs.

Group news and project updates

News, 29 Aug 2016,

Rosewhite Native Pastures and Carbon Farming Initiative Field Day

Rosewhite Public Hall Wednesday 4th June, 1.

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Mudgegonga & District Landcare Group