This group covers areas along the Murray River and around Rutherglen, including Browns Plains. Rutherglen Landcare has a strong focus on revegetation and, since 1996, has seen landholders plant over half a million indigenous trees and shrubs. Our focus now is on developing bird habitat and connecting areas of remnant vegetation to the Murray River corridor.
Other interests are: threatened species protection, salinity control, weed management and pest animal control.

Recent projects have involved the construction and erection of nest boxes for native mammals, environmental restoration- particularly wetlands for brolgas, tackling control of feral olives on Indigo Shire roadsides and major revegetation programs.
Join us!
Gatherings of the Rutherglen Landcare Group are held approximately every 2nd month. These meetings involve guest speakers and discussions on local environmental and agricultural issues. All are welcome to these meetings. 
Field trips are held every alternate month and provide the opportunity to visit sites of interest.
The Rutherglen Landcare Newsletter is distributed to all members and to landholders in the Rutherglen area 2 times a year. 
New members always welcome!

Threatened species in the Rutherglen area:
- Grey Crowned Babbler - Brolga - Apostle bird - Swift Parrot - Brush Tailed Phascogale or Tuan - Squirrel Glider - Buloke (Allocasuarina leumannii) - Long Leaf Emu bush (Eremophila longifolia) - Water Bush (Myoporum montanum) - Weeping Pittosporum (Pittosporum phillyreoides) - White Cypress Pine (Callitrus galucophylla) - Yarran (Acacia omalophylla)
Common weeds in the Rutherglen area:
St Johns Wort  - Horehound - Pattersons Curse  - Serrated Tussock - Chilean Needlegrass - Willows - Blackberry