Springhurst and Byawatha Hills Landcare Group

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Our purpose

This group was formed in 1988, from an existing Farm Trees Group. The group covers the areas around Springhurst, Eldorado and Carraragarmungee, with the area comprises fertile riverine plains, undulating hills and rocky granite outcrops. Never densely treed, the area has been largely cleared of trees.The Springhurst Byawatha Hills Landcare...

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President - Tony Ransom

Regions we're part of

Region 1
North East

Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events.

Past events

Group event Event ended 3 May 2019

Native Bird Talk

Native Bird Talk to be given by well renowned expert Chris Tzaros.

Group event Event ended 19 Jan 2016

New Rabbit Calicivirus Strain RHD session - Springhurst

Find out how the upcoming RHBV boost release can help you manage rabbits and improve productivity.

Group news and project updates

News, 29 Aug 2016,

Springhurst Native Pastures and Carbon Farming Field Day

The day will introduce you to various native grasses, their identification, productive and conservation values, and options on when and...

News, 29 Aug 2016,

Arrival of New Spray Unit for Weed Control

The recent good falls of rain have enabled farmers to start to turn the corner, and begin to look forward...

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Springhurst Byawatha Hills Landcare Group