FFDC Living Links planting 10 September

The FFDC Living Links planting event on Sunday 10 September was hugely successful.

With the help of 120+ volunteers and members we planted 3000 indigenous plants along the northern bank of the Dandenong Creek at HE Parker Reserve in Heathmont.

Plants included eucalypts, acacias, sheoaks, tea trees, melaleucas and bursaria.

The event was funded by the PPWPCMA Living Links program in particular the Our Catchments Our Communities Project which seeks to re-vegetate 22 kms of the Dandenong Creek corridor (including our area) with $1 million dollars of funding over the next four years.

We acknowledge the work of the Maroondah Bushland Management team for the preparation of the site and supervision on the day. Also great to see Maroondah Councillors Dib and McDonald in attendance and actually getting their hands dirty.

Finally, we acknowledge the efforts of our members and volunteers, in particular the Box Hill Buddhist Group who provided over 70 volunteers to enable us the plant so many plants.