A new direction for Landcare in Victoria

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We are excited to update our community of Landcarers on our plans for a re-energised future. As a grass roots organisation, we’ve been working harder than ever to plan for greater outcomes for Landcare in Victoria and we believe this new direction will bring increased capacity to help Landcarers do more of their incredible work across the state.

As always we want to hear from our community so please let us know how we can better connect with and represent your aspirations as Landcarers across Victoria.

Landcare Victoria Incorporated


A new direction for Landcare in Victoria

Greetings from the Committee of Management for Landcare Victoria Incorporated (LVi), your state wide organisation representing grass roots Landcarers committed to increasing biodiversity and promoting the sustainable management of land.

Many of our members are busier than ever making sure that the supply chains are well provided with healthy food. We would like to update you as our valued members and partners on some exciting new developments at Landcare Victoria.

Landcare Victoria now has energetic support from two philanthropic trusts: Jim and Heather Phillipson (Rendere Trust) and Joanne and William Crothers (Upotipotpon Foundation). This will bring increased capacity to support our partners and Landcarers and deliver increased recognition, resourcing and support for resilient and productive landscapes and communities.

This recent support from the philanthropic community has been a catalyst for the Landcare Victoria team, prompting us to develop some ambitious future plans and make sure we have the right people to drive these forward and maximise the opportunity this new support brings.

An exciting new step in the future of Landcare Victoria is the decision to advertise for an inaugural CEO. The new CEO will be tasked with the primary objectives of driving ongoing funding of the Landcare Facilitator program and fostering the development of more diverse funding sources and strategic partnerships.  

A key theme in Landcare Victoria’s strategic plan is to encourage a strong, vocal and resilient Landcare movement in Victoria. Working with the Victorian State Government to ensure the ongoing employment and support of Landcare facilitators across groups and networks is fundamental to this. While continuing to work with State Government, Landcare Victoria is also seeking diversity of funding sources and broader community recognition and support.

In order to convert our plans into action Landcare Victoria is establishing the Victorian Landcare Fund.  This public fund has the specific role of supporting biodiversity and promoting the sustainable management of land. Landcare Victoria is also in the process of achieving Deductable Gift Recipients status which will provide more avenues for diverse financial investment in Landcare across Victoria.  

This will not only attract investment from philanthropic organisations, the fund will provide a vessel for “mum and dad” investors from the broader community, to support Landcare actions within their own communities both locally and state wide.

As a grass roots organisation, our future plans are focused on bringing even greater outcomes, raising the profile of Landcare in Victoria as well as the incredible work of our Landcarers, for benefit of the broader community and the environment.