FTLA News Update May 2011 Caring for our Country Supplement

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Contribute to the FTLA’s submission for the Caring for Our Country program review!




Caring for Our Country is currently conducting a review and we are seeking feedback from members to incorporate into our response. We would also encourage you to make your own submission.

This survey should take about 10-15 minutes and we very much appreciate your time in providing us with this information. Complete as much or as little as is relevant to you, any information will be gratefully received.




A discussion paper has also been released, available at http://www.nrm.gov.au/review/review-submission.html, plus a web forum at http://caringforourcountryreview.com.au/ for your views, ideas and suggestions.

Written submissions are due by 20 May 2011. For clarification on the process or support feel free to ring the CFOC team on 1800 003 562.