Landcare Return on Investment


Landcare Return on Investment: Cost-benefit analysis of the Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program - Download (934 KB)

New Report Demonstrates the Value of Landcare Facilitators

An economic analysis of the value of the Victorian Government’s Landcare Facilitators Program demonstrates that the $4M program generates $31M in value – a benefit cost ratio of more than 7:1. The report, commissioned by Landcare Victoria Inc. was prepared by the global consulting firm RPS Group. It also demonstrates that if the wider social cohesion created by Landcare facilitator activities is valued at $87M. 

These results show that facilitators play a crucial ‘leveraging’ role for Landcare in Victoria. While the projects deliver net benefits in and of themselves, the facilitators amplify the scope and scale of Landcare activities across the State. The report provides a powerful argument for continued support of the Landcare Facilitators Program. 

Landcare Victoria Inc thanks Jim Phillipson (Rendere Trust) for his generous support for this project.