LVI Annual General Meeting - 2019


Over 90 delegates, members and guests attended the 2019 LVI AGM to hear Lucinda Corrigan, Chair of Farmers for Climate Action talk about Climate Change as an economic issue and Climate Smart Agriculture. Attendees also heard from Kylie White, Deputy Secretary of Energy, Environment and Planning at DELWP regarding Biodiversity 2037 and the Environmental Volunteer Plan.

LVI Elections were announced with the LVI Committee of Management for 2019 being: Chair David Clark (Glenelg Hopkins), Vice Chair - Operations & Services Christine Brooke (North Central), Treasurer Leanne Jackman (Wimmera), Secretary Beth Ripper (West Gippsland), Jenny Robertson (East Gippsland), Terry Hubbard (Goulburn Broken), Ian Arney (Mallee), Jane Carney (North East), Marijke de Bever-Price (Port Phillip and Westernport) and Professional Landcarers Asha Benham-Bannon and Kerri Robson. Outgoing CoM member Alan Morton joins the LVI Members Council.

After lunch attendees shared learnings in the "Living up to our Name: Landcare Partnership & Collaboration Workshop" led by Kim Boswell at the Forever Agenda.

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