LVI Landcare Facilitator Program Survey 2021

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LVI Member Survey Results Report - Download (718 KB)

Results of the 2021 Facilitator Program Survey

2021 Member Survey Form - Download (787 KB)

This is the form that was distributed to members

The Victorian Landcare Facilitator program is widely regarded as having made a very important contribution to the success of Victorian landcare over many years. 

In announcing the new program for 2021 and following years, the DELWP Victorian Landcare Program advised of a number of key changes to the existing program and other key matters for applicants to be aware of.

Landcare Victoria members expressed concern about some of these changes and other aspects of the program. Landcare Victoria decided to survey members to discover the extent and nature of member concerns. It was anticipated that the results of the survey would assist with Landcare Victoria engagement with DELWP, and would help determine future priorities for member support.