LVI Members Council Nominations now Open!

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The LVI Committee of Management is supported by the LVI Members Council, which provides a broad base of skilled people who can advise and assist the Committee in the development of, and response to, policy that impacts on Landcare.

Members Council terms are also staggered with positions for Wimmera, North Central, Port Phillip & Westernport open in 2019 – there are also some vacancies in other regions including East Gippsland, Mallee, West Gippsland, North East and for professional landcarers in Corangamite and Goulburn Broken. Nominations will close prior to the AGM and be considered by the new LVI Committee of Management. We are simplifying the nomination process this year, and will only need:

1. A nominee bio (with photo if available)

2. Two supporting letters, each from a Voting Delegate

If you would like to nominate someone to LVI Members Council please send an email with the above information to with subject “LVI Members Council Nomination” by the 27 May.

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