New Group Kit - Joining LVI

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These resources provide the basic information you need to join Landcare Victoria Inc. (LVI). All groups with a landcare or sustainable land management focus should fit within the LVI Purpose and therefore be eligible for membership (see LVI Rules).

Landcare Victoria Inc (LVI) supports members with insurance (see Insurance Summary), grants, the Landcare magazine, advocacy, information and advice.


LVI Rules - Download (194 KB)

These are the current LVI Rules as approved by Consumer Affairs - 3rd April 2017. The LVI Rules cover the operations of LVI as a whole and the relationship of a Member Group to LVI . Therefore any prospective group must have a constitution or bylaws the group that allow the group to fulfil its obligations to the LVI. As part of the membership registration process, Member Groups are asked to submit a copy of the group’s purposes and a short description of the group’s activities to the LVI Committee of Management for approval. Please also note that groups would be covered in the interim after submitting a completed LVI Member Group Registration form, membership list and payment (resources below).

LVI Insurance Summary 2016-17 - Download (99 KB)

The LVI insurance package includes Public Liability insurance, Volunteer Workers (Personal Accident) insurance and Management Liability (Office Bearers / Professional Indemnity) insurance. The Insurance Summary outlines the basic conditions and coverage. Full policy documents are available on request by contacting the LVI office on 03 9207 5527 or via email

LVI Member Group Registration Form 2017_18 (12 months) - Download (101 KB)

This is the LVI Membership Registration form to join for the period 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018. If a different period is needed, you are already a LVI member group, or you have any further queries about the joining process, please contact the LVI office on 03 9207 5527 or via email

Member List Template - Download (57 KB)

Prospective Member Groups must supply a member list with their application. Please feel free to use your own format, but make sure it includes names, postal addresses and join dates (for members who joined after 2012) as these are the requirements under the Incorporation Act, in addition to listing office bearer/committee/staff members so the group's contacts (general & billing) are identified and fees can be calculated accordingly. For members who have groups or organisations as members please see the Network Structures and Insurance advice.

Network Structures and Insurance - Download (35 KB)

Getting the right insurance in place for networks can be complex. The "Network Structures and Insurance" document provides some advice to when you need separate insurance and what you need to do to ensure coverage by LVI.