New Landcare Helpline for Employment & HR Advice available!

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Community Employment Group management Training

Landcare Victoria (LVI) is excited to launch the Landcare Employment and Workplace-Related Advice, Dispute Resolution, and Referral Service in partnership with DELWP. Experts in HR and employment law, Workplace Legal, have been engaged and landcare groups and staff are now able to call 1300 302 232 to access advice and assistance on all HR and employment related matters.

This service is offered to assist the approximately 150 Landcare support staff working in Victoria and their employer organisations, many of whom are Landcare groups and networks. HR and employment issues are one of the most frequent and complex topics raised by Landcare members with the LVI office and this project is the result of LVI, community and staff feedback into the Victorian Landcare Program Review Action Plan released in 2017. Landcare Victoria Incorporated has received a grant from the Victorian Landcare Program to engage a supplier to provide until June 2020 Landcare employment and workplace-related advice, dispute resolution and referral services for staff and contractors in roles such as a Landcare facilitator, coordinator, or project officer, and their employer organisations.