The Next 30 Years of Landcare!


The Next 30 Years of Landcare - Download (196 KB)

These are the responses from members regarding the challenges and opportunities for Landcare in the next 30 years. Have a read, agree, disagree, take an idea and run with it, chat to your neighbour, talk to your Landcare group, talk to us. We'd love to hear from you.

On 25th November 2016, Landcare in Victoria celebrates its 30 year anniversary. So as we enter the next 30 years, the Farm Tree & Landcare Association (FTLA) felt it was important to seek our members' ideas as to what the future holds and just what we can do about it. At the FTLA Annual Forum held on 30th May 2016, we asked our members to consider six global mega trends that are facing our rural communities and Landcare.