This project is live

Mynah birds are a serious threat to native birds and we are working on a project to try and limit their numbers and spread.
Common mynas are an introduced agricultural pest, carry diseases and injure and displace native wildlife. Our group is involved in trying to limit their impact by trapping and destroying these birds. We have now bought seven traps for loan to our members and the community. Contact Eric or Annnette to arrange to borrow a trap or traps on 5169 1553.
 The Feral Scan citizen science portal has information and a map to record sightings.
Trapping guide
Humane Euthanasia guide
Myna Matters Newsletter Summer 2016  from Canberra Myna control project
There are myna trap plans and photos of traps in the Lists and Documents section of this website. (The traps we have bought aren't exactly the same as these but in future we hope they will be.)