This project is live

This project started on 6 Mar 2019

There is some information from the 2009 fires at the link below that could be useful to people needing information on how to proceed after the fires.

Locally there are currently a lot of steep slopes that have been burned and need protection to prevent erosion. We are trying to get this taken up by the agencies participating in the fire recovery efforts as it is a huge project needing money, materials and labour.

Preventing erosion and sediment washing into the creek seems to need a lot of each of these comodities:
Rice straw or similar
wire netting
pegs to hold wire netting
people, paid or volunteer, to fix barriers across slopes to slow down and channel run-off so that it causes less damage.

Our group also has a new revegetation project in the upper Middle Creek valley that just got much bigger as that is where the recent fire started.

We are looking for help with these projects, as we currently don't have any funding for them.