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Celebrating Victoria’s Landcarers

The state’s best and brightest Landcare advocates were acknowledged at the Victorian Landcare Awards ceremony hosted by Her Excellency The...


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From the Minister - Issue 79

While 2020 has presented challenges, the arrival of spring can be refreshing and reinvigorating, bringing with it a sense of...


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Weather and climate resources from Agriculture Victoria

Agriculture Victoria provides a range of services to support farmers and advisers to manage the risks associated with seasonal variability...


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Fairfax Media Landcare Community Group Award - Tarrangower Cactus Control Group

Over the last decade volunteers from the Tarrangower Cactus Control Group (TCCG) have formed an army of cactus warriors who...


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SureGro Coastcare Award - Friends of Beware Reef

The 220-hectare Beware Reef Marine Sanctuary is situated off Cape Conran in east Gippsland.


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Drought declaration produces climate change scenarios

The Ararat Rural City Council (ARCC) was drought declared by the State Government in early 2016.


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Rio Tinto Indigenous Land Management Award - Angela Jeffrey

Angela Jeffery is a descendant of the northern Wiradjuri Nation of NSW, whose ancestral links stem from Peak Hill, Wellington...


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Managing roadsides and reserves to protect endangered grasslands

A partnership project has achieved some significant milestones in protecting the critically endangered Natural Temperate Grasslands of the Victorian Volcanic...


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Australian Government Partnerships for Landcare Award - Wandoon Estate Aboriginal Corporation

Wandoon Estate Aboriginal Corporation are the owners of the historic property Coranderrk in the Yarra Valley.


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Mallee governance training supports Landcare across Victoria

Landcare facilitators and committee members across Victoria have been able to participate in governance training organised by Mallee CMA and...


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Climate change - an opportunity to rethink, restore and reboot

Unlike some city folk, many people who live and work in rural areas are inherently attuned to outside weather conditions.


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Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award - Ian Higgins

Ian Higgins’ early interest in native plants has continued through his life.


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The weedies – Newham Landcare’s roadside rangers

Newham and District Landcare Group (NDLG) formed in 2004 with the aim of protecting and enhancing remnant vegetation and revegetating...


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Australian Government Innovation in Agricultural Land Management Award - Simon Falkiner

Simon Falkiner manages a 240-hectare mixed enterprise family farm at Freshwater Creek near Geelong.


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Victoria's freshwater blue carbon stores

As the impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly apparent, wetlands are drawing more and more attention for their vast...


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Junior Landcare Team Award - Penbank Campus, Woodleigh School

Students from Penbank Campus – Woodleigh School on the Mornington Peninsula have swapped the classroom for the creek, where primary...


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The value of roadside remnant vegetation

Remnant vegetation on rural roadside reserves may be locally or regionally significant.


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Research reveals the future for dairy farming in Gippsland

What will the climate in Gippsland be like in 2040 and how will different dairy farming systems respond to a...


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Joan Kirner Landcare Award - Terry Hubbard

Terry Hubbard lives Landcare.Terry is the chair of the National Landcare Network and Landcare Victoria Inc.


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Lockington group regenerates local rail reserves

Lockington and District Landcare Group (L&DLG) was formed in 1993 to undertake revegetation to tackle salinity caused by rising water...


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Dr Sidney Plowman Travel and Study Award - Bret Ryan

Bret Ryan grew up in Colac and originally qualified as an aquatic scientist.


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Reflecting on a healing walk

The Lake Bolac Eel Festival Healing Walk began when Lake Bolac local, and acclaimed musician and author, Neil Murray, had...


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Helping the grains industry deal with climate volatility

Each year crop losses from frost and heat events cost the Australian grains industry tens of millions of dollars making...


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Nicholson River Landcare Group turns a bare paddock into a beautiful walk

The Nicholson River Landcare Group (NRLG) formed in 2004.


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Landcare Network Award - Connecting Country

Connecting Country is a community-led landscape restoration organisation that operates as a informal Landcare network across the Mount Alexander region...


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Weed hygiene survey highlights spread issues

The Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party (VSTWP) has undertaken a recent survey of weed hygiene processes as the first step...


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Austcover Young Landcare Leader Award - Kathleen Brack

Kathleen Brack is the Regional Landcare Program Officer for the West Gippsland CMA.


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Survey reveals living treasures on Maldon roadsides

In 2017 the Maldon Urban Landcare Group (MULGA) set out to conduct a major survey of the indigenous eucalypts that...


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Australian Government Excellence in Sustainable Farm Practices Award - Woady Yaloak Catchment Group

The Woady Yaloak Catchment Group has a long history of planning, implementing and measuring sustainable farm practices across its 120,000-hectare...


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Urban Landcare Award - Blackburn and District Tree Preservation Society

The Blackburn and District Tree Preservation Society is one of Victoria’s oldest environmental groups.


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The many Friends of the Great South West Walk

The Great South West Walk is a bushwalking trail comprising short loop walks, full day walks and an intrepid, spectacular...


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Landcare in Victoria celebrates 30 years

Landcare in Victoria celebrated 30 years of achievement on Friday 25 November 2016 at Parliament House, Melbourne.


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2017 Victorian Landcare Awards

Entries for the 2017 Victorian Landcare Awards are now open.


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Water workshops help farmers plan and manage future drought

Gecko CLaN is a Landcare Network that supports 18 separate groups around the townships of Benalla and Euroa in north...


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How to win at social media

Social media is one of the most effective ways your Landcare group can reach new people.


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Five crowdfunding tips from the southern Otways

In late 2015 the Southern Otway Landcare Network (SOLN) was offered the opportunity to participate in the Victorian Government’s Threatened...


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Landholders protect critical brolga habitat at Pura Pura

Glenn and Stephanie Rogers purchased their 1100-hectare mixed grazing and cropping property at Pura Pura near Lake Bolac in 2016.


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Soil workshops a hit in the Yarra Ranges

More than 100 people attended a one-day conference held in Lilydale in May on property management in the Yarra Valley...


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Healthy Hectares engages small property owners

A country property is a great change of pace for many living busy Melbourne lives.


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Community grows together after Bunyip fires

In March 2019 the Bunyip complex bushfire consumed 15,000 hectares of Bunyip State Park and properties south of the park...


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Climate change - plants and animals don't lie

Climate change has become a politically charged topic in Australia, and it seems our voting preference is heavily influenced by...


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Recycled water project greens Carranballac College

The two prep to year nine campuses of Carranballac College were built in the rapidly growing suburb of Point Cook,...


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Bringing the Hanslow Cup home

“Mr Henderson is awarded first prize in this competition because of his efforts in controlling severe erosion problems whilst at...


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Educational partnerships rewarding for Bairnsdale Urban Landcare Group

Bairnsdale Urban Landcare Group Inc (BULG) works along the north and south banks of the Mitchell River that flows through...


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Fish Circus recruits supporters for the Macquarie perch

The once widespread Macquarie perch has declined dramatically since the 1920s, with remaining populations relatively small and isolated.


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Newly watered Tchum Lake brims with birdlife

On the back of a wet 2016, the Mallee CMA received environmental water for selected wetlands, made available by the...


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Are we soil managers – or just users?

Soil is a remarkable asset, effectively gifted to this planet, and consequently to us.


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Ground under repair – golf courses and urban bushland renewal

The seeds for the preservation and regeneration of indigenous plants in the Bayside area of Melbourne lie, literally, on the...


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A day in the life of a Riverkeeper

The Werribee River is Melbourne’s second largest river system.


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Black wallabies on the move

For the past 35 years my wife and I have lived in a rural setting near Portland with 100 acres...


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Biochar may have benefits for soil and water

Biochar is a carbon-rich solid manufactured by heating bio mass at a high temperature in the absence of oxygen.


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Incorporating stubble can improve soil condition

Formed in 1994, the Cundare Duverney Landcare Group is part of the Corangamite Lakes Landcare area, which takes in the...


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Experiences in nature assist young people recovering from addiction

For as long as we know people have been aware of the healing qualities of nature.


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Landcare-led recovery after the 2014 Mickleham–Kilmore fire

On Sunday 9 February 2014, strong winds and a temperature of 40C (for the second day in a row, and...


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Blogging for nature

Two days before Christmas in 2008 I sat down and wrote my first blog post.


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Planting, growing and harvesting a riparian farm forest

At the start of our farm tours I stand on a tree stump just a few metres from the creek...


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Farming for sustainable soils in northern and north central Victoria

Problems with soil health are not restricted to northern and north central Victoria – they are endemic to south eastern...


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Listening to the land – recording our Landcare voices

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller.


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A community response to drought in Millewa-Carwarp

I joined the Millewa-Carwarp Landcare Group 28 years ago.


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Anniversary celebrations highlight Landcare connections with Traditional Owners

Celebrations held in the Port Phillip and Western Port region to mark 30 years of Landcare in Victoria have highlighted...


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Healthy frogs mean healthy waterways

Frogs are the most threatened class of vertebrates in the world.


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From the ground up – growing regenerative agriculture in Corangamite

What happens when a small Landcare group interested in regenerative agriculture wants to learn more and build a bigger network...


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Spreading the lesson of cultural burning

Aboriginal mosaic burning once patterned the entire continent, as intricate and connected as the scales on a crocodile’s back or...


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A community unites for Koalas in the Strzelecki Ranges

Koalas were once widespread across Victoria but declined to near extinction in the early 1920s due to hunting for the...


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Tarago catchment: a collaborative approach to sustainable land management

The importance of rivers and wetlands in the natural water cycle is now well recognised.


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Citizen scientists record frog calls for wetland management

As the weather warms up and spring rain fills the wetlands, Victoria’s frogs are getting busy, filling the bush with...


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Drought Employment Program a win for the community and the environment

The social and economic impacts on communities and individuals who live, sometimes for months on end, with little or no...


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Vocational education introduces young people to Landcare

The Basalt to Bay Landcare Network is connecting with young people through a vocational training program that encourages them to...


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Recycling wood for waterways

Trees damaged by fire and storms are being recycled and reused as snags in creeks in the Strathbogie Ranges to...


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Can soil aeration and earthworm compost improve soils health?

Four farms in the Warrenbayne Boho Land Protection Group (WBLPG) area have participated in a trial to capture airborne nutrients...


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Serrated tussock workshop a great way to share strategies

Serrated tussock now covers more than 240,000 hectares of land in Victoria.


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Leigh Catchment Group shares its lessons from the Scotsburn fire

On Saturday 19 December 2015 a major bushfire burnt out 4570 hectares of the Scotsburn area and severely affected the...


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Community reaches out to the Black Spur Creek Wetlands

Members of the Nerrena Landcare Group have recently completed a management plan for 40 hectares of run-down wetlands on public...


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Landcare forum highlights management of north central water storages

Sharing the Landcare Story was the theme of the North Central Regional Landcare Forum, held in October 2017 at Stuart...


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Regenerative grazing controls topsoil and improves productivity at Perry Bridge

Perry Bridge farmers Jen Ribolli and David and Ruth Read take a regenerative approach to pasture management.


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Intrepid Landcare founders share their stories

Getting involved in Landcare was a simple yet fortunate accident for Megan Rowlatt and Naomi Edwards, co-founders of Intrepid Landcare,...


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The Karen refugee community made welcome by Project Hindmarsh

Project Hindmarsh began way back in 1998 with a vision to reconnect the Big Desert and Little Desert regions of...


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Collaboration the key to network response in the South West

On St Patrick’s Day (17 March) 2018 four major fires in Terang, Gazette, Garvoc and Camperdown burnt more than 24,000...


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Reaching out to the community with farm and nature walks

Farm and nature walks are a good way for Landcare and environment groups to connect to the wider community and...


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Victorian Farmers Federation/ Landcare Victoria Inc. Heather Mitchell Memorial Fellowship Award - Sandii Lewis

Sandii Lewis works with the five Landcare groups in the Eastern Mallee Landcare Consortium.


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Residents care for local land and water

Friends of Land and Water Landcare Group (FLW) was established by residents of the Lifestyle Village in Warragul.


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Can chicken manure increase soil health and productivity in sodic soils?

Soil health is an important issue for all farmers, and ensuring healthy soils starts with understanding what type of soils...


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Community leads restoration of seagrass at Corner Inlet

A community-led seagrass restoration project at Corner Inlet is leading the world in restoring a vital and little understood habitat...


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Deer fence protects biodiversity after Bunyip fire

In 2018 members of the Cannibal Creek Catchment Landcare Group (CCCLG) visited Alan and Angela Forte’s property at Garfield North.


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Fly fishers help revegetate Little River

The Victorian Fly-Fishers’ Association (VFFA) is well aware that the future of trout fishing in Victoria is dependent on one...


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Tom Croft’s farewell to Landcare

It’s time for me to retire.


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Creek restoration work helps prisoners to rehabilitate

An important water catchment providing drinking water to towns in central Victoria is benefiting from a partnership between the North...


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Landscape model provides water balance picture

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Australian Landscape Water Balance website provides information on soil water storage within a region, as well...


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In brief

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Guide and online fire recovery land management resources.


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Landmate prisoners provide valuable support to landholders

Prisoners from the Landmate Environment Program have supported local farmers for many years.


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Yackandandah aims to be 100 per cent renewable by 2022

In 2014 Totally Renewable Yackandandah (TRY) formed with the objective of moving to a 100 per cent renewable energy target...



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Northern Bendigo Landcare Group loses years of planting in Huntly fire

For the last 10 years Northern Bendigo Landcare Group has been restoring the Creekline Grassy Woodland habitat within Huntly Streamside...


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Victorias Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2017 2020.1 page 001


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Victoria’s Landcarers celebrated

Inspiring Landcare advocates were acknowledged at the Victorian Landcare Awards ceremony hosted by Her Excellency The Honourable Linda Dessau AC,...


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Australian Community Media Landcare Community Group Award - Malmsbury District Landcare Group

The Malmsbury District Landcare Group (MDLG) covers land in the Hepburn, Macedon Ranges and Mount Alexander Shires and is an...


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Austcover Young Landcare Leadership Award - Gippsland Intrepid Landcare

Gippsland Intrepid Landcare has only been underway for two years but is already making a significant impact on the local...


C344 p7a2

Indigenous Land Management Award - Woka Walla Land Management Crew

The Woka Walla Land Management Crew is an Aboriginal business owned by the Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation (YYNAC) –...


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Vegetation quality assessment by smart phone

The Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network’s Greens Bush to Arthurs Seat Biolink project, funded through the Victorian Government’s Our Catchments, Our...


C344 p8 9a

Virgin Coastcare Award - Victorian Wader Study Group

When members of the Victorian Wader Study Group (VWSG) go out to conduct comprehensive studies of waders and terns throughout...


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Uncovering the social return on a Landcare investment

We know that Landcare groups make a difference to the natural environment.


C344 p10a

Australian Government Partnerships for Landcare Award - Australian Landcare International

Australian Landcare International (ALI) was formed in 2008 by several experienced Victorian Landcarers keen to catalyse and support overseas natural...


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Citizen scientists survey local threatened species

The Upper Campaspe Landcare Network (UCLN) is using a 2017 Biodiversity On-Ground Action: Community and Volunteer Action Grant to train...


C344 p11a

Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award - John Pye

John Pye has been contributing to Landcare and the Wimmera community for more than 35 years.


p15 Harvest hero2

Alternative fertiliser, lime and biological trial results

Nine years of investigation by the Woady Yaloak Catchment Group has failed to find a biological or alternative fertiliser that...


C344 p12a

Australian Government Innovation in Agriculture Land Management Award - Cundare Duverney Landcare Group

Established in 1994, the Cundare Duverney Landcare Group (CDLG) is located in the high rainfall zone of the western district...


C344 p13a

Australian Government Landcare Farming Award - Fraser Pogue

Irrigated cropping farmer Fraser Pogue demonstrates excellence and leadership in sustainable farm practices on his 400-hectare property at Ardmona, near...


p18 warriors hero2

New wheel cactus map for Victoria

The cactus warriors of the Tarrangower Cactus Control Group (TCCG) have spent more than 10 years battling wheel cactus around...


C344 p14 15 a2

Woolworths Junior Landcare Team Award - Newham Primary School

This small school sits in the shadow of Hanging Rock, near Woodend.


C344 p16a2

Environmental Volunteer Award - Jallukar Landcare Group

Jallukar Landcare Group’s area covers the Mt William catchment in the Wimmera.


C344 p17a2

Landcare Network Award - Bass Coast Landcare Network

The Bass Coast Landcare Network (BCLN) was formed in 2003 as an affiliation of 10 Landcare groups in South Gippsland.


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C344 p19a

Joan Kirner Landcare Award - Lanie Pearce

Lanie Pearce has been involved in Landcare for around 20 years and is the Community Education Coordinator for the Goulburn...


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Urban Landcare Award - Wodonga Urban Landcare Network

Formed in 2012, the Wodonga Urban Landcare Network (WULN) is changing the face of one of Victoria’s regional cities.


p19 family hero4

This farm needs a farmer!

Melissa Connors and her partner moved to Kyneton six years ago.


C344 p20a

Dr. Sidney Plowman Travel & Study Award - Tony Gardner

Tony Gardner lives and breathes sustainable agriculture.


p21 stephen hero2

Supporting landholders for the long haul of gorse control

Effective gorse control requires a sustained and long-term effort.


C344 p21a

VFF/Landcare Victoria Inc. Heather Mitchell Memorial Fellowship Award - Belinda Brennan

Belinda Brennan’s Landcare journey has seen her active at a local, regional, state, national and international level.


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Next Issue

Our Summer 2020 issue will be a feature on Landcare and community engagement.


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C331 p13a hero

Thriving wetland a community haven during drought

Where do people go when times are tough in a dryland farming community? The answer, for the people of the...


C331 p6c hero

Research proves that Landcare is healthy

In 1979 my husband and I purchased 17 acres of degraded farmland at Boonie Doon in north east Victoria, with...


C331 p8 hero

Social ties matter for bushfire recovery

The academic progress of many children in fire-affected areas was substantially impacted compared to their peers in unaffected areas.


C331 p9 hero

Urban Landcare fulfils critical community needs

The umbrella provided by Landcare can reach far in an urban setting, where environmental restoration and renewal can also fulfil...


C331 p10a hero

Volunteering for the helmeted honeyeater

The helmeted honeyeater is the avifaunal emblem of Victoria.


C331 p4b hero

Bethanga farmer still recovering – six years after quad bike accident

Half of all Victorian workplace deaths in 2017-2018 occurred on farms.


C331 p14b hero3

Forest therapy has many public health benefits

Forest therapy was first introduced as a preventative public health practice under the name of Shinrin-yoku (meaning immersion in the...


C331 p15a hero4

Nature’s gym in the Yarra Valley

Who needs a gym membership when you can be a Landcare volunteer in the Yarra Valley?.


C331 p16c hero

Green Gym improves the health of carers, and the environment

Green Gym is a program developed by The Conservation Volunteers in the UK and delivered locally by Conservation Volunteers Australia...


C331 p17a hero2

Sunset Cover tracks well for locals and visitors

In 2013 the Paynesville Landcare Coastcare Group recognised an opportunity to transform a section of Sunset Cove in Paynesville with...


C331 p18a hero

River Garden feeds the community at Bass

In 2015 the Bass Coast Landcare Network leased a hectare of river flat located behind its office in Bass to...


C331 p19 hero

Friends of Bayside – healthy people, healthy parks

The City of Bayside is a local government area in the southern suburbs of Melbourne that hugs Port Phillip Bay.


C331 p20b hero

Why parks are important for our health

Traditional Owners have recognised the critical connection between Country and health for thousands of years.


C331 p21a hero

Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group runs health and well-being activities

The Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group (MCLG) has been using creative ways to connect more people to their natural environment.


C331 p24 hero2



VLCM74 p4a small2

Our national Landcare champions

Victoria received two National Landcare Awards (from nine National Landcare Award categories) at a gala dinner in October 2018.


VLCM74 p5c hero

Q&A with Bass Coast Landcare leader Kellie Nichols

Kellie Nichols is the Executive Officer of Bass Coast Landcare Network (BCLN).


VLCM74 p8a hero2

Learning to lead by listening

One evening, in a tiny country hall by a meandering river, I realised that the best thing I could do...


VLCM74 p10a hero

Nerrena/Tarwin Valley Landcare Group rallies to protect local wetland

The current executive of the Nerrena/Tarwin Landcare Group (NTVLG) in South Gippsland is all women.


VLCM74 p13b hero2

A passion for nature

Looking back at my interests in nature and conservation, I can see that it was in my blood.


VLCM74 p16a hero

Four inspiring women of the Wimmera

There are many inspiring women active in Landcare projects across the Wimmera.


VLCM74 p18a hero

Michelle Stacey’s war on weeds

Michelle Stacey is a fifth-generation Flinders farmer and President of Main Creek Catchment Landcare Group (MCCLG).


VLCM74 p18c hero

Women on Farms workshops increase the confidence of rural women

If you look around at agricultural field days, you’ll be most likely met by a sea of men and very...


VLCM74 p20 hero

Lost and found in the Dandenongs

“If you get lost just walk down a creek and you’ll reach a road to home.


VLCM74 p24 hero