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Yinnar-Yinnar South Landcare Group

Billy's Creek Revegetation project

We are planting a forest in the Billy's Creek Valley.

Benambra Dinner Plain Omeo Landcare Group

Broom and Gorse Mapping and Surveying

BDPO are asking private land holders to tell us more about broom and gorse on your private property, This intends...

Basalt to Bay Network

What are we up to?

Our network is always up to something - but with multiple projects on the go at any one time its...

Mt Worth and District Landcare Group Inc

Community Projects

Seaview Mechanics Institute In 2012, Landcare members and Seaview Mechanics Institute members worked to establish a small Indigenous community garden...

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Fire Ready Native Demonstration Garden

In 2016, Huntly Fire Brigade were very fortunate to have a long-awaited new station built.

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Junior Landcare

Connecting kids with nature is a strong focus of our group.

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Huntly - Home of the Whirrakee Wattle

Whirrakee Wattle (Acacia williamsonii) is virtually endemic to the Bendigo region, growing in very few locations other than the Whipstick,...

Swifts Creek Ensay Landcare Group

Poet's Walk Community Project

Over the coming 12 months, a group of local community members will work on reducing invasive plants and animals, removing...

Torquay Landcare Group

2016 Quiksilver Foundation's Reveg Day

The Winter and early Spring rains will provide an excellent start for the 2016 Quiksilver plantings, and topping off the...

Wooragee Landcare Group

Banksia Marginata project

Wooragee Landcare were fortunate to receive a grant under the Wettenhall Small Environmental Grant scheme.

Kinglake Landcare Group

Clean up Australia Day 2017

At Wallaby Springs Reserve in Kinglake West.

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Firescape - planned ecological burning

Firescape is a pilot CFA program which aims to facilitate planned ecological burning on private land.

Wises Creek-Talgarno Landcare Group

M2M Blackberry Action Group

The Wises Creek Talgarno Landcare Group is active member of this community driven Blackberry Action Group for Collective Action to...

Benambra Dinner Plain Omeo Landcare Group

2016 Field Days

2016 was a rewarding year with many fantastic field days and educational opportunities offered in our area.

Montrose Upper Landcare Group (MULGa)


This pilot project created by Montrose Upper Landcare Group (MULGa) supported by Yarra Ranges Council through its Ribbons of Green...

Corangamite Landcare Program


It is with great pride that we launch the Faces of Landcare publication marking 30 years of Landcare in Corangamite.

Yarra Ranges Landcare Network

Landcare for Cyclists

We are lucky enough to have the Warby Rail Trail running through our Network area.

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