Managing group content on the Gateway

Information about editing content and permission levels

Logging in

If you want to add or edit content to your group or network page, you'll need to log into the Gateway.

If you already have a login but can't remember your password, you can reset it:

  1. Click on the Log in link top right.
  2. Click on the I’ve lost my password link and follow the instructions to reset - your email address is your username.
  3. Once you have reset your password, log in.

If you did not have a login, or your email has changed, contact the CMA Regional Landcare Coordinator (RLC) to create/change your login.

Editing group information

Note: Each edit page for the various content types has instructions embedded in the page, giving guidance about the information required.

Once logged in, follow the My Account link in the top menu bar to see the list of groups you have rights to manage.  If no groups show up, contact the RLC to gain access.

Groups you have rights to manage will show with the name of the group, and a series of green buttons allowing you to add new content.

To add new content

Select the appropriate button, then fill in the fields in the edit page.  Each key field will have instructions above them.  When completed, publish the item.

To edit existing content

Click on the Group Name link.  This will preview the group page, with green edit buttons for each section.  Either select the appropriate edit button, or go to the projects/events/news/resources section to see the list of content and edit these, or add new ones.

Permission levels for editing content

Logged in users of the Gateway will have one of four permission levels to add or edit content: 

Group editor

The lowest level of group permissions - able to update content such as events, projects and resources only.  This is for group members who just want to be able to add/edit this content on a regular basis, on behalf of their group.

Group owner

The highest level of group permissions - able to update all content including contact details, group purpose and other general information about the group.  This is useful for facilitators or group committee members who need to maintain a high level of control over their group’s page.

Network owner

The highest level of general user permissions - a network owner is also by default a group owner of any member groups in that network.  This level of permission is useful for a facilitator who needs to manage the groups and networks they support.


The highest level of permission which only RLCs and the Victorian Landcare Program have.  Only these users are able to register new group editors/owners and network owners, as well as add new group or network pages to the Gateway.