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Resource, 8 Apr 2021,

Landcare Victoria Inc. Strategic Plan 2021 - 2024

Landcare Victoria Inc. (LVI) has great ambitions for the future of landcare in Victoria.

Resource, 10 Mar 2021,

LVI Landcare Facilitator Program Survey 2021

The Victorian Landcare Facilitator program is widely regarded as having made a very important contribution to the success of Victorian...

Resource, 3 Feb 2021,

Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program - LVI Advice and Support for Members

During February and March 2021, community landcare groups throughout Victoria are busy preparing funding applications to the Department of Environment,...

Resource, 1 Feb 2021,

Landcare Victoria Inc. Complaints Policy

Landcare Victoria Inc. members are subject to the LVI Complaints Policy and Procedure.  This policy applies to everyone involved in...

Project Update, 25 Aug 2020,

Landcare Employment Referral Service Survey Report - LVI

In our recent survey 100% of people who used the service would recommend it to others, with over 80% of...

Resource, 21 Aug 2020,

Landcare Return on Investment

An economic analysis of the value of the Victorian Government’s Landcare Facilitators Program demonstrates that the $4M program generates $31M...