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Resource, 10 Feb 2017,

Economic benefits of Landcare

National Landcare Program case studies

Resource, 10 Jan 2017,

Climate-ready vegetation

A guide for natural resource managers

Project Update, 23 Dec 2016,

Property Management Plan Course Resources

Manuals and General Information about Farm PlanningI've bought a property - now what ? (CG fact sheet)Farm Plan 21 ManualCaring...

Resource, 23 Nov 2016,

Landcare Share Centre

The Landcare Share Centre was developed by the former Victorian Landcare Council as a practical means to facilitate sharing and...

Resource, 18 Nov 2016,

Group brochure and strategic plan

Resource, 11 Oct 2016,

Landcare group and network maps

The Victorian Landcare Program has produced a series of maps displaying group and network boundaries.

Resource, 5 Oct 2016,

Dung Beetle Resource Kit

Compiled by the Lucyvale Better Beef Group in 2008 with funding from the National Landcare Program, the Dung Beetle Resource...

Resource, 23 Sep 2016,

Sample Wildflowers of the Merton Area

This pdf file has samples of some of the more common wild flowers found in the Merton area.  We are...

Resource, 22 Sep 2016,

The Next 30 Years of Landcare!

On 25th November 2016, Landcare in Victoria celebrates its 30 year anniversary.

Resource, 21 Sep 2016,

Using social media

How to make the most of social media

Resource, 19 Sep 2016,

Guide to plant species in South Gippsland

A Native Vegetation Planting Guide for South Gippsland

Resource, 7 Sep 2016,

Fire recovery: Fencing

The Victorian Government may be able to help landholders for some losses after damage by bushfire.

Resource, 7 Sep 2016,

Starting up a Landcare group

If you’re thinking about starting up a Landcare group in your area, there are a few things to consider before...

Resource, 6 Sep 2016,

New Landcare Group Start-Up Kit

The New Landcare Group Start-Up Kit outlines the formal and informal steps required to start a new group.

Resource, 15 Aug 2016,

Fire recovery: After the 2009 Fires

After the 2009 bushfires the Port Phillip and Westernport CMA prepared several YouTube bushfire recovery videos that include interviews with land...

Resource, 15 Aug 2016,

Fire recovery: Revegetation

Shelterbelts provide many productivity benefits to a property and can also benefit local wildlife. With some design considerations, shelterbelts can provide...

Resource, 15 Aug 2016,

Fire recovery: Weed control

The risk of weed invasion, and their impact on farms and the environment dramatically increases during and after an emergency...

Resource, 15 Aug 2016,

Fire recovery: Farm recovery after bushfire

Fire recovery resources for landholders

Resource, 15 Aug 2016,

Fire recovery: Livestock after an emergency

Managing livestock and horses after an emergency can be challenging, particularly when large areas of the farm have been affected.

Resource, 15 Aug 2016,

Fire recovery: Health, wellbeing and support

Managing emotions, stress and wellbeing after fire.

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