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Resource, 20 Feb 2018,

Order for competitively priced chemical


Resource, 20 Feb 2018,

Joining BDPO and becoming a member

Becoming a Landcare Member supports the BDPO Group in so many ways.  Your fees help us cover all the projects...

Resource, 2 Dec 2017,

FFDC - Association Rules

Resource, 9 Aug 2017,

Rural Roadside conservation

NDLG has always been active on protecting rural roadsides as a great natural asset, but 2015 saw an active campaign begin...

Resource, 24 Jul 2017,

2017 Annual General Meeting

This contains all the relevant information for the 2017 Annual General Meeting to be held on 14 September 2017 at...

Resource, 4 May 2017,

Insurance Certificates of Currency

These are our Certificates of Currency for various insurance categories.

Resource, 9 Mar 2017,

Christmas Hills Landcare Group Annual Reports

The Christmas Hills Landcare Group Annual Reports summarise the events, projects, group health, membership and finances of the Christmas Hills...

Resource, 22 Oct 2016,

FFDC Association Number

This is our official association number registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria

Resource, 14 Oct 2016,

Corangamite Landcare Support Plan

The Corangamite Landcare Support Plan 2013-2018 provides a framework for the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (CMA) to support Landcare (including...

Resource, 30 Sep 2016,

FTLA Membership Certificate

Resource, 28 Sep 2016,

2017 FFDC Annual Report

Resource, 28 Sep 2016,

Latest Newsletters

The latest FFDC Newsletters

Resource, 7 Sep 2016,

Fire recovery: Fencing

The Victorian Government may be able to help landholders for some losses after damage by bushfire.

Resource, 7 Sep 2016,

How to market your group successfully

Marketing uses different techniques to attract customers.

Resource, 7 Sep 2016,

Deductible gift recipient and taxable charity concession information for Landcare groups

It is becoming common for funders to ask for Deductible Gift Recipient and Tax Concession Charity status from groups when...

Resource, 7 Sep 2016,

Using a prospectus to gain funding for your group

Using a prospectus is one way your Landcare group may consider approaching a corporate or alternative funder.

Resource, 7 Sep 2016,

Local fundraising: advice for groups

Local fundraising is vital for community groups, not only because it generates important funds but it also allows you to...

Resource, 7 Sep 2016,

Grants guide for community groups

Grants give your members the resources to undertake projects and activities set out in your group’s plans.

Resource, 7 Sep 2016,

Sponsorship: advice for groups

Sponsorship plays an increasingly important role in supporting Landcare projects, providing additional resources so groups can achieve their goals through...

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