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Resource, 2 Dec 2017,

FFDC - Association Rules

Resource, 24 Jul 2017,

2017 Annual General Meeting

This contains all the relevant information for the 2017 Annual General Meeting to be held on 14 September 2017 at...

Resource, 4 May 2017,

Insurance Certificates of Currency

These are our Certificates of Currency for various insurance categories.

Resource, 20 Apr 2017,

Going into Recess, Merging and Closing Down

General advice for Landcare groups and networks experiencing periods of inactivity and/or to support merger/dissolution discussions.

Resource, 15 Mar 2017,

Castlemaine Landcare Group 2017 membership form

Please fill in the membership form so that we have up to date details of members.  2017 fees are due...

Resource, 9 Mar 2017,

CHLG Membership form

Christmas Hills landholders can use this form to join as a new member ($20 - and you get a member...

Resource, 9 Mar 2017,

Christmas Hills Landcare Group Annual Reports

The Christmas Hills Landcare Group Annual Reports summarise the events, projects, group health, membership and finances of the Christmas Hills...

Resource, 23 Nov 2016,

Landcare Share Centre

The Landcare Share Centre was developed by the former Victorian Landcare Council as a practical means to facilitate sharing and...

Resource, 18 Nov 2016,

Group brochure and strategic plan

Resource, 9 Nov 2016,

Digital Landcare Meetings Case Study

Recently the Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups started to use Digital Meetings for their regular committee meetings, to try to deal...

Resource, 22 Oct 2016,

FFDC Association Number

This is our official association number registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria

Resource, 14 Oct 2016,

Corangamite Landcare Support Plan

The Corangamite Landcare Support Plan 2013-2018 provides a framework for the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (CMA) to support Landcare (including...

Resource, 30 Sep 2016,

FTLA Membership Certificate

Resource, 28 Sep 2016,

2017 FFDC Annual Report

Resource, 28 Sep 2016,

Latest Newsletters

The latest FFDC Newsletters

Resource, 19 Sep 2016,

Online member management

Tools to help you manage your group's membership

Resource, 7 Sep 2016,

Managing volunteers: advice for groups

Whether members of your group or people who are involved in a one-off project, volunteers and voluntary works are a...

Resource, 7 Sep 2016,

Recruiting and retaining members: advice for groups

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Landcare groups.

Resource, 7 Sep 2016,

Beating burn-out: advice for groups

‘Burn-out’ is a problem for many volunteer groups.

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