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Group event 2 Mar 2024

Native Seed Propagation Workshop

Learn how to propagate native plants with Verena Doyle.

Project activity 3 Mar 2024

Clean Up Australia Day

Bendigo Creek carries water that falls on Bendigo's streets and anything else that washes in with it.

Group event 10 Mar 2024

Pollinator Link March site survey: spotlighting and moths

Moths, Gliders, Possums, maybe bats all fly around at night.

Group event 23 Mar 2024

'An Underground Odyssey – Exploring the life in your soil’

Who are your ‘underground livestock’? Why are they so important?.

Volunteer opportunity 20 Apr 2024

Sycamore Slaughter at Budgeree Bushland Reserve

Maples can be a lovely garden plant, but in this beautiful fragment of native damp forest the Sycamore Maple is...

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