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News, 3 May 2019,

2019-20 Victorian Landcare Grants

Applications are now open

News, 12 Mar 2019,

Victorian Weeds Conference 2019

The Victorian Weeds Conference 2019 is being held at the Mercure Port of Echuca, 7-8 May 2019.

News, 14 Jan 2019,

The Coca-Cola Foundation and Landcare Australia Coastal Protection Grants 2019

Applications ARE NOW OPEN for projects of up to $15,000 (Ex GST) each.

News, 26 Oct 2018,

Victorians Volunteering for Nature - Environmental Volunteering Plan

A coordinated approach to environmental volunteering

News, 20 Aug 2018,

Farmers for Climate Action - 'Ask a Scientist' project

An intiative that enables farmers to have their climate change questions answered directly by expert scientists

News, 1 Aug 2018,

Landmate Environment Program

Get labour for your environmental project

News, 26 Oct 2018,

Declaration of the Feral Cat as a Pest Animal in Victoria

On the 26th July 2018, the feral cat was declared an established pest animal on specified Crown land in...

News, 26 Oct 2018,

2018-19 Victorian Landcare Grants

Successful Applicants Announced

News, 7 Mar 2019,

Issue 72 of Victorian Landcare magazine

Issue 72 (Winter 2018) of the Victorian Landcare magazine, a feature on managing soils, is now available.

News, 23 Mar 2018,

Community Skills Development Grants

Recipients Announced

News, 7 Mar 2019,

Issue 71 of the Victorian Landcare Magazine

Summer 2018: "Water Management" is now available.

News, 8 Feb 2018,

Regional Wellbeing Survey results

Results are now available from the 2017 Regional Wellbeing Survey conducted by the University of Canberra.

News, 8 Feb 2018,

Managing rural drainage

Choices for landholders

News, 30 Nov 2017,

Issue 70 of the Victorian Landcare Magazine

Spring 2017: "Victorian Landcare Awards" is now available.

News, 8 Feb 2018,

2017 Victorian Landcare Awards

Recognising the achievements of our Landcarers

News, 1 Aug 2017,

Invitation to Participate in the Recent Ecological Change in Australia Project

Over the past century, average land surface temperatures have risen by almost 1° C across the Australian continent.

News, 9 Feb 2018,

Issue 69 of the Victorian Landcare Magazine

Winter 2017: "Climate Change" is now available.

News, 23 May 2017,

$2.1 million to help strengthen Victoria's Landcare presence

More than 70 Landcare groups around the state will benefit from $2.

News, 8 Feb 2018,

Protecting Victoria's Environment - Biodiversity 2037

The Victorian Government has released Protecting Victoria's Environment - Biodiversity 2037, a new long-term plan to stop the decline of...

News, 7 Jul 2017,

New Child Safe Standards

New Child Safe Standards apply in Victoria from 1 January 2017.

News, 30 Nov 2017,

Issue 68 of the Victorian Landcare Magazine

Summer 2017: "Connecting Nature and Community" is now available.

News, 1 Aug 2017,

Victorian Landcare Program Review Action Plan

Supporting Landcare into the future

News, 31 Aug 2017,

Celebrating 30 Years of Landcare in Victoria

The Victorian Landcare Program hosted a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Landcare movement with a ceremony that...

News, 21 Oct 2016,

Landcare snapshot

What Landcare in Victoria looks like

News, 15 Mar 2019,

New logo to celebrate 30 years of Landcare

A new logo is available for groups and networks to help them celebrate 30 years of Landcare in Victoria.

News, 1 Dec 2017,

Issue 67 of the Victorian Landcare Magazine

Spring 2016: "Celebrating 30 Years" is now available.