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From the Victorian Landcare Program

News, 12 Sep 2019,

2019-20 Victorian Landcare Grants announced

The Victorian Landcare Grants support Landcare and other environmental volunteer groups to protect and restore the Victorian landscape.

News, 2 Sep 2019,

2019 Victorian Landcare Awards Winners

Winners of the 2019 Victorian Landcare Awards were announced on Friday 30 August at the awards ceremony at Government House.

News, 28 Jun 2019,

2019 Victorian Junior Landcare and Biodiversity Grants

Applications are now closed.

News, 12 Jun 2019,

2019-20 Victorian Landcare Grants

Applications have now closed

News, 12 Mar 2019,

Victorian Weeds Conference 2019

The Victorian Weeds Conference 2019 is being held at the Mercure Port of Echuca, 7-8 May 2019.

News, 30 Aug 2019,

2019 State & Territory Landcare Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2019 State & Territory Landcare Awards.

News, 14 Jan 2019,

The Coca-Cola Foundation and Landcare Australia Coastal Protection Grants 2019

Applications ARE NOW OPEN for projects of up to $15,000 (Ex GST) each.

News, 26 Oct 2018,

Victorians Volunteering for Nature - Environmental Volunteering Plan

A coordinated approach to environmental volunteering

News, 20 Aug 2018,

Farmers for Climate Action - 'Ask a Scientist' project

An intiative that enables farmers to have their climate change questions answered directly by expert scientists

News, 1 Aug 2018,

Landmate Environment Program

Get labour for your environmental project

News, 26 Oct 2018,

Declaration of the Feral Cat as a Pest Animal in Victoria

On the 26th July 2018, the feral cat was declared an established pest animal on specified Crown land in...

News, 26 Oct 2018,

2018-19 Victorian Landcare Grants

Successful Applicants Announced

News, 7 Mar 2019,

Issue 72 of Victorian Landcare magazine

Issue 72 (Winter 2018) of the Victorian Landcare magazine, a feature on managing soils, is now available.

News, 23 Mar 2018,

Community Skills Development Grants

Recipients Announced

News, 2 Sep 2019,

Issue 71 of the Victorian Landcare Magazine

Summer 2018: "Water Management" is now available.

News, 8 Feb 2018,

Regional Wellbeing Survey results

Results are now available from the 2017 Regional Wellbeing Survey conducted by the University of Canberra.

News, 8 Feb 2018,

Managing rural drainage

Choices for landholders

News, 30 Nov 2017,

Issue 70 of the Victorian Landcare Magazine

Spring 2017: "Victorian Landcare Awards" is now available.

News, 8 Feb 2018,

2017 Victorian Landcare Awards

Recognising the achievements of our Landcarers

News, 1 Aug 2017,

Invitation to Participate in the Recent Ecological Change in Australia Project

Over the past century, average land surface temperatures have risen by almost 1° C across the Australian continent.

News, 9 Feb 2018,

Issue 69 of the Victorian Landcare Magazine

Winter 2017: "Climate Change" is now available.

News, 23 May 2017,

$2.1 million to help strengthen Victoria's Landcare presence

More than 70 Landcare groups around the state will benefit from $2.

News, 8 Feb 2018,

Protecting Victoria's Environment - Biodiversity 2037

The Victorian Government has released Protecting Victoria's Environment - Biodiversity 2037, a new long-term plan to stop the decline of...

News, 7 Jul 2017,

New Child Safe Standards

New Child Safe Standards apply in Victoria from 1 January 2017.

News, 11 Sep 2019,

Issue 68 of the Victorian Landcare Magazine

Summer 2017: "Connecting Nature and Community" is now available.

News, 1 Aug 2017,

Victorian Landcare Program Review Action Plan

Supporting Landcare into the future

News, 31 Aug 2017,

Celebrating 30 Years of Landcare in Victoria

The Victorian Landcare Program hosted a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Landcare movement with a ceremony that...

News, 21 Oct 2016,

Landcare snapshot

What Landcare in Victoria looks like

News, 15 Mar 2019,

New logo to celebrate 30 years of Landcare

A new logo is available for groups and networks to help them celebrate 30 years of Landcare in Victoria.

News, 19 Jun 2019,

Issue 67 of the Victorian Landcare Magazine

Spring 2016: "Celebrating 30 Years" is now available.