Community Skills Development Grants Program wraps up

59 approved projects, 4,572 participants and 1,670 hours of training with outstanding results

2017CD0005 Bellarine Catchment Network Marine Interpretation Training Rockpool

Above: Bellarine Catchment Network - Marine interpretation training

The Community Skills Development Grants Program has now come to a close. These grants enabled groups and networks to strengthen their capacity, develop new skills and operate more effectively through supported learning, development and training sessions.

These grants funded 59 projects for individual groups (Stream 1) and networks and partnerships (Stream 2) to train and upskill their volunteers.

Bellarine Catchment Network used its $4,675 funding to run first aid, social media, and Marine Interpretation training workshops. An Intrepid Coastcare Mentor program is now being developed from the Marine Interpretation program.

Wodonga Urban Landcare Network received $19,949 and ran Skills for Landcare Stewardship workshops. This included cultural training, which increased practical knowledge of Aboriginal culture and forged relationships between local residents and Traditional Owners.

Thank you to everyone involved in this program. It has been fantastic to read your final reports, see the wonderful training that occurred and hear about the significant benefits this grant made to your groups and/or organisations.

This work occurred prior to social distancing and it is amazing to see what the community can achieve when they get together. In these uncertain times, we look forward to finding new ways of coming together and caring for the land.

Please find the summary of achievements here:  Community-Skills-Development-Grant-Program-infographic.pdf