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The Winter 2020 issue (#78) will feature stories on Landcare and emergency recovery.   

Contributions of stories for issue #78 should be sent to the editor, Carrie Tiffany, by Friday 27 March 2020.

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Issue 77,

C348 DELWP VLCM 77 cover

Summer 2020

This issue is a feature on Landcare and community engagement.

Issue 76,

Victorian Landcare magazine issue 76 cover2

Spring 2019

This issue is a feature on the 2019 Victorian Landcare Awards.

Issue 75,

C331 DELWP VLCM 75 cover final

Victorian Landcare magazine: winter 2019

This issue of the magazine is a feature on Landcare and health

Issue 74,

VLCM 74 cover

Victorian Landcare magazine: Summer 2019

This issue of the magazine is a feature on women in Landcare

Issue 73,

VLCM 73 cover2

Victorian Landcare magazine: Spring 2018

This issue of the magazine is a feature on soil management.

Issue 72,

VLCM 72 cover

Victorian Landcare magazine: Winter 2018

This issue of the magazine is a feature on Landcare and research.

Issue 71,

VLCM 71 cover

Victorian Landcare Magazine: Summer 2018

This issue focuses on water management and includes stories on agroforestry, the biodiversity benefits of environmental water for wetlands, how biochar can improve the water-holding function of soil, and an article on identifying frogs.

Issue 70,

VLCM 70 cover

Victorian Landcare Magazine: Spring 2017

In this issue, we celebrate the contributions and achievements of our best Landcarers with stories of the winners of the 2017 Victorian Landcare Awards.

Issue 69,

C299 DELWP VLCM69 cover 2

Victorian Landcare Magazine: Winter 2017

This issue is packed with interesting stories from researchers and community members on the science of climate change and ideas for response and adaptation.

Issue 68,

Victorian Landcare magazine issue 68 cover

Victorian Landcare Magazine: Summer 2017

This issue shares stories highlighting the benefits that connecting with our natural environment provides to our wellbeing by keeping us physically active, improving mental health, supporting healthy ageing and building stronger communities.

Issue 67,

C281 DELWP VLCM67 cover 1

Victorian Landcare Magazine: Spring 2016

In this edition we celebrate 30 Years of Landcare in Victoria with contributions from some our longest running volunteers, groups and projects.