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General enquiries & Victorian Landcare Gateway website administration

Email or call 136 186.

Registering as a Gateway user & managing group/network pages

To register as a Victorian Landcare Gateway user and to manage content on your group or network page go to Help with registering to manage content on your group or network page.

Regional Landcare Coordinators Contacts 

There are 10 Regional Landcare Coordinators (RLCs) who are funded by the Victorian Government, and who are Catchment Management Authority-based. To contact the RLC in your region, please use the details below. The RLCs will also be able to provide the details for the Landcare facilitator in your local area.  

CMA Region

Contact Details 


Elisia Dowling

0418 397 521


East Gippsland

Carolyn Cameron

5150 3582

Glenelg Hopkins

Tony Lithgow

5571 2526 or 0418 180 996

Goulburn Broken

Tony Kubeil

5761 1619 or 0408 597 213


Nelson Burand-Hicks 

5051 4373 or 0427 540 468

North Central

Tess Grieves 

5440 1890 or 0438 357 874

North East

Richard Dalkin

(02) 6043 7630 or 0409 683 467 

Port Phillip & Western Port

Barry Kennedy

9971 6506 or 0447 821 559

West Gippsland

Kathleen Brack

5613 5966 or 0428 619 671


Joel Boyd

5382 1544 or 0429 949 196

Victorian Landcare magazine

Go to the Magazine page to find out about Victorian Landcare magazine subscriptions and story contributions.

Insurance enquiries

Contact Landcare Victoria Inc (LVI) for group and network insurance and incorporation.

Email or call 03 9207 5527

Feedback on Gateway website & Victorian Landcare Program 

Whether it's about the Victorian Landcare Gateway website or the Victorian Landcare Program, we want to know what you think.