Our partners

The Landcare community in Victoria is supported by a range of government and non-government organisations

In addition to the major partners listed below, a range of issues-based groups can be found working state-wide across Victoria.

Victorian Landcare Program

The Victorian Landcare Program (VLP) is the program of support provided to Landcare in Victoria by the State Government and managed through the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

The goal of the VLP is "shared responsibility for a healthy environment". The program provides for the delivery of services and initiatives to support Landcare, enabling groups and networks to be more effective.  This includes the Victorian Landcare Grants, 78 Local Landcare Facilitators, a managed website (the Gateway), the Victorian Landcare and Catchment Management Magazine and the Victorian Landcare Awards which are held every 2 years.  

Strategic delivery of the program is the responsibility of a number of Melbourne-based DELWP staff and the ten Regional Landcare Coordinators (RLCs) working from the Catchment Management Authorities across the state.

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Catchment Management Authorities

Regional Landcare program delivery is the responsibility of the RLCs who work in the ten Catchment Management Authorities.  The CMAs work with the community, government and funding organisations to protect and enhance land, water and biodiversity resources in their region.  This includes delivery of the Victorian Landcare Grants.  To contact your local CMA, go their website listed below or contact an RLC.

Landcare Victoria Inc

Landcare Victoria Inc (LVI) was formed on 3 April 2017 from a merger between Victoria's two key Landcare peak body groups, the Farm Tree and Landcare Association (FTLA) and the Victorian Landcare Council (VLC).

LVI's purpose is to:

  • encourage and facilitate community-based, cooperative, multi-disciplinary approaches to caring for the land, by groups of like-minded people, using Landcare or similiar purpose for Member Groups;
  • provide a strong voice on behalf of Landcare in Victoria; and
  • promote sustainable land and water management practices which balance economics and ecology as well as productivity and resources protection.

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Coastcare Victoria

Coastcare Victoria supports the many community volunteer groups working to protect and enhance Victoria's 2000 kilometres of coastline.  These groups help to maintain our marine and coastal environment, through activities such as revegetating coastal areas, building boardwalks, fencing, building tracks, monitoring native shorebirds and animals, presenting education and awareness raising sessions, plantings, landscaping coastal areas and protecting cultural sites.

There will always be a need for dedicated volunteers on our coast, and there are roles for people of all ages, interests and abilities.

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Victorian Environment Friends Network

The Victorian Environment Friends Network exists to help represent the common interests of all Friends groups in Victoria.  'Friends' are people who are interested in giving practical assistance to a particular conservation reserve, or a species of native plant or animal. They operate in conjunction with the relevant management authority, usually Parks Victoria, a municipal Council, or some other organisation such as the Trust for Nature.

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Landcare Australia

Landcare Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, and registered charity, which leads the promotion of and provision of financial support to the Landcare movement’s national resource management programme in Australia; aligning the practice of environmental management with land productivity, and devolving governance and management to local communities.

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