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Bellarine Landcare Group

The Bellarine Landcare Group (BLG) aims to preserve, protect and enhance the natural environment of the Bellarine Peninsula.

Albert River Landcare Group

Albert River Landcare Group looks after community based natural resource management along the Albert River, encompassing Alberton, Stacey's Bridge and Hiawatha.

Alberton Landcare Group

This group is currently inactive. If you are interested in Landcare in the Alberton area please contact the Yarram Yarram...

Allambee Community Landcare Group

The Allambee Community Landcare Group was formed in 1994 and aims to maintain and improve the ecological status of the...

Allambee South Landcare Group

The Allambee South Landcare Group was formed in the early 1990s, in the past having 23 Landcare member families.

Amphitheatre Landcare Group

The Amphitheatre Landcare Group was formed in May 1989. The group began by tackling land degradation, erosion, rabbits and weeds.

Anakie Community Garden

The Anakie Community Garden is located at the Parks Victoria Anakie Community Depot on Geelong-Ballan Rd, Anakie.

Ancona Landcare Group

Ancona Valley was one of the first Landcare groups in the Mansfield District to form.

Anderson Inlet Landcare Group

Anderson Inlet Landcare Group aims to be a community working together to improve land productivity and farm viability by reducing...

Andersons Creek Landcare Group

Our goal is to provide a friendly environment where all interested people are welcome regardless of differences.

Angair Inc

ANGAIR (Anglesea, Aireys Inlet Society for the Protection of Flora and Fauna) is dedicated to protecting our indigenous flora and...

Annuello Landcare Group

The Annuello Landcare Group grew out of a desire by Annuello, Robinvale and Wemen landholders wanting to pursue projects in...

Apollo Bay Landcare Group

The Apollo Bay Landcare Group includes the valleys of Skenes Creek and the steep and spectacular Wild Dog.

Ararat Landcare Group

Ararat Landcare Group is a peri-urban group concentrating on remnant vegetation protection around Ararat.

Arawata Landcare Group

Arawata Landcare Group covers approximately 26500 hectares of western South Gippsland encompassing Trida and Strzelecki in the north, Leongatha in...

Arthur's Seat Weeding Group

Activity: Weed control and revegetation. Contact Stuart for work in patches at Cook Street at Arthurs Seat State Park

Arthurs Creek District Landcare Group

Arthurs Creek District Landcare Group is an active Landcare Group of 120 or so members in outer North Eastern Melbourne.

Ashbourne Landcare Group

The Ashbourne Landcare area is bounded by the Woodend-Tylden Road in the North, Harpers Road on the East, Falloons Road...

Avon Landcare Group

The Avon Landcare Group is a community group made up of enthusiastic, dedicated and skilled people who aim to protect,...

Avon Plains Banyena Landcare Group

We, Avon Plains Landcare, have local interest and knowledge of our Land.

Axe Creek Catchment Landcare Group

Axe Creek Landcare Group encourage a community-wide, cooperative, multi-disciplinary approach to caring for the land.

Bacchus Marsh and Coimadai Landcare Group

Coimadai Landcare Group is the community to the north of Bacchus Marsh from the Long Forest to the Lerderderg State Park.

Back Creek Landcare Group

The Back Creek Land Care Group was formed in 1997 by a group of like-minded residents.

Bahgallah-Killara Landcare Group

An active Landcare group with a focus on the Glenelg River.Glenelg Hopkins CMA has increased its incentive rates for fencing...

Bairnsdale Urban Landcare Group

The Bairnsdale Urban Landcare Group focus its activities on restoring the Mitchell River Environs to a natural state allowing for...

Balcombe and Moorooduc Landcare Group

Balcombe and Moorooduc Landcare Group is a friendly and dynamic group on the Mornington Peninsula.

Bald Hills Creswick Landcare Group

Bald Hills Creswick Landcare Group - Our community group has been eradicating weeds and planting native trees in the area...

Ballarat Environment Network

The Ballarat Environment Network (BEN) was formed in 1993 as an initiative arising from the 1991 Ballarat Region Conservation Strategy.

Balmattum-Sheans Creek Landcare Group

Balmattum-Sheans Creek Landcare Group is made of of a mix of both lifestyle farmers and thoes who run farms full time.

Bamganie-Meredith Landcare Group

Our Landcare Group seeks to engage with a wide range of landholders, including new landholders, existing farmers, life style property...

Baranduda Landcare Group

"Restoring native vegetation to create a diverse weed free environment" Baranduda Landcare group is a sub-group of the Kiewa Catchment...

Barapa Land and Water Landcare Group

Ensuring Barapa Barapa Traditional Owners have an opportunity to work on the land helping preserve, protect and maintain Lands and...

Baringhup Landcare Group

• To promote awareness in the Baringhup community of the sensitivity of the environment and its associated problems • To...

Barongarook Landcare Group

The Barongarook Landcare Group covers the catchment area of the Barongarook Creek which flows into Lake Colac.

Barrabool Hills Landcare Group

From November 2017 please go to our new website at

Basalt to Bay Landcare Network

To increase, protect, and enhance the land, soil, water, agricultural and biodiversity productivity of our region we work with members...

Bass Coast Landcare Network

The Bass Coast Landcare Network if made up of 10 Landcare Groups which service over 850 members from farming families,...

Bass Valley Landcare Group

The group was originally formed to tackle soil erosion, vegetation decline, pest plants and water quality.

Batesford, Fyansford, Stonehaven Landcare Group

Stonehaven Landcare group formed in 1989 and comprised of farming families in the community with strong interests in combating Serrated...

Baynton Sidonia Landcare

Many people who live adjoining this area are members of their local Landcare group, as well as Baynton–Sidonia.

Bayside Community Nursery

The Bayside Community Nursery grows indigenous plants, grasses and trees for planting in Council's bushland, foreshore, parks and reserves and...

Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc

Succeeded and continues the work of the Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society, formed in 1953.

Beechworth Urban Landcare and Sustainability Group

Beechworth Urban Landcare and Sustainability Group love growing food, planting trees, riding bikes, building nesting boxes, swapping seeds and general...

Bellarine Catchment Network

The Bellarine Catchment Network region will work towards healthy, well connected and resilient wetlands, waterways and native vegetation ecosystems; sustainable...

Bellbird Corner Riverside Reserve Committee of Management

We care for the Bellbird Corner Riverside Reserve.

Benambra Dinner Plain Omeo Landcare Group

The Benambra, Dinner Plain, Omeo Landcare Group formed in 2009 when the three separate groups amalgamated into one.

Bend of Islands Landcare Group

Bend of Islands Landcare Group

Bendigo Creek Platypus Project

The Bendigo Creek Platypus Project is a community based action group working to assess, protect, create and improve the integrity...

Bengworden Landcare Group

The Bengworden Landcare group formed in 1989 and the group area covers 16,606 hectares.

Berriwillock Landcare Group

The Berriwillock Landcare group formed in 1995 to raise awareness of conservation issues within the community as well as addressing...

Bessie-Ararat Creek Landcare Group

Bessie Creek/Ararat Creek Landcare Group was formed in 2000 and aims to provide opportunities for members to be involved in...

Bethanga Landcare Group

The Bethanga Landcare Group (BLG) incorporates the catchments of Bethanga Creek and Spring Creek.

Beulah Landcare Group

The Beulah Landcare group area covers approximately 33,100 hectares and lies within the Mallee Catchment Management Authority region and the...

Beyond Bolac Catchment Action Group

Beyond Bolac Catchment Action Group. Working to improve the health of the catchments of the Fiery Creek, Lake Bolac and Salt Creek catchments.

Binginwarri Landcare Group

The Binginwarri Landcare Group was initially started in 1987. It was then known as Binginwarri Ragwort and Landcare Group.

Birchip Landcare Group

Birchip Landcare Group focus on biodiversity, threatened species and maintaining the area's wetlands.

Birregurra Landcare Group

The Birregurra Landcare Group, based in the township of Birregurra is an active group committed to caring for and enhancing...

Black Range Landcare Group

Resumed activity in August 2008. The group consists of around 25 members and meet bimonthly.

Blackwood-Barrys Reef Landcare Group

Our purpose is to work toward keeping the Forest free of weeds through advocacy, direct action and public education.

Blairgowrie Friends of Mornington Peninsula National Park

1. To provide opportunities and assistance for interested members of the community of Blairgowrie and surrounding areas to work together...

Blampied Kooroocheang Landcare Group

Blampied Korroocheang Landcare Group Incorporated The Blampied Korroocheang Landcare Group started in 1986 and encompasses the areas of Blampied, Mt...

Boolarra South Landcare Group

The Boolarra South Landcare group is active within the district of Boolarra, nestled amongst the Strzelecki ranges in the central...

Boorhaman Landcare Group

The Boorhaman Landcare Group covers the plains area around the town of Boorhaman, north of Wangaratta.

Bostocks Creek Landcare Group

One of the newest groups in the Heytesbury district, in the short two years has seen great support from local...

Breamlea Coast Action

Breamlea Coast Action is an active group of volunteers and supporters who live or visit the small community of Breamlea.

Brisbane Ranges Landcare Group

The Brisbane Ranges Landcare Group was formed in 1997 with interested residents of the Anakie, Staughton Vale and Balliang districts...

Broadford Land Management Group

Broadford Land Management Group is a newly formed group in 2013 caring for the natural bushland in Broadford.

Broken Boosey Conservation Management Network

The Broken Boosey CMN works tenure blind in the northern part of the Goulburn Broken basin.

Broken Creek Improvement Group

The Broken Creek Improvement Group is currently in recess.

Bruthen and District Landcare Group

The Bruthen & District Landcare group re-formed in November 2005. The group area covers 14,383 hectares.

Bryants Gap Landcare Group

This group covers the area to the south of Tallangatta township, incorporating the Bryants Gap valley, sections of the Lake...

Buchan Landcare Group

The Buchan Landcare Group formed in 1998 and the group area covers 16,382 hectares.

Bullengarook Landcare Group

An active community group supporting residents with activities related to native flora and fauna, plant give-aways, education and weed control.

Buloke and Northern Grampians Landcare Network

The Buloke and Northern Grampians Landcare Network supports 20 Landcare groups across the Shires of Buloke and Northern Grampians that...

Bunbartha Kaarimba Landcare Group

The Bunbartha Kaarimba Landcare group came into being in 1990, and was initially concentrating their efforts on depression planting, filling...

Bunyip Landcare Group

Bunyip Landcare Group covers the districts of Bunyip, Tonimbuk and Iona. We aim to increase environmental awareness and farm sustainability.

Burgoigee Creek Landcare Group

This group covers the catchment of the Burgoigee Creek, around the area of Murmungee and Bowmans Forest.

Burnt Creek Landcare Group

Burnt Creek Landcare Group has a 20 year history in landcare in their region.

Burrumbeet Landcare Group

Formerly Burrumbeet and Brewster Biolinks.

Cabarita Inc

Cabarita Community Inc and Landcare Group is "For Community by Community" working on local environmental projects and general awareness with...

Callawadda Landcare Group

Strategic revegetation, remnant protection, River health (Richardson River); weeds.

Callignee Landcare Group

The Callignee landcare Group was formed in 2020 when a group of locals found a way to get out and...

Campaspe Valley Landcare Group

The Campaspe Valley Landcare Group is within the area between the lower reaches of the Coliban and Campaspe Rivers leading...

Camperdown Timboon Rail Trail Committee of Management

The Camperdown Timboon Rail Trail Steering Committee was established in 1994 and the Rail Trail was officially opened in 2009.

Cann Valley Landcare Group

Assuring our future through sustainable practices and cooperation in the repair of degraded environments.

Cannibal Creek Landcare Group

To protect and enhance the Cannibal Creek catchments and its environment To develop and maintain bio-links within the Cannibal Creek...

Carapooee Landcare Group

Our group in interested in Biodiversity conservation; threatened species; strategic revegetation; weed control; vertebrate pest control.

Carboor-Bobinawarrah Landcare Group

This group covers the areas around Carboor and Bobinawarrah, including the Hurdle Creek catchment.

Cardinia Catchment Landcare Group

Cardinia Catchment Landcare Group

Cardinia Environment Coalition

Cardinia Environment Coalition Inc (CEC) is an umbrella group comprising local Friends, Landcare and conservation groups.

Cardinia Hills Ragwort and Landcare Group

Bring interested landholders together to inform and work collectively on local environmental issues

Castlemaine Landcare Group

Castlemaine Landcare Group welcomes visitors and new members.  Formed in 2002, the group's primary focus is on restoring the natural...

Cathedral Landcare Group

The Cathedral Landcare Group (CLG) is located in Victoria, Shire of Murrindindi and based at the foot of the picturesque...

Central Otways Landcare Network

Welcome to the Central Otways. COLN supports landholders and community groups in Colac, Barongarook (Barongarook Creek catchment), Barongarook West (Deans...

Central Victorian Biolinks Alliance Inc

The Central Victorian Biolinks Alliance was formed in 2010 by community conservation groups in Central Victoria, in recognition that the...

Chiltern Landcare Group

The Chiltern Landcare area, covering the upper catchment of the Black Dog Creek, includes Chiltern, Indigo and Cornishtown.

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Christmas Hills Landcare Group is a neighbourly network of people who care for the place we live in.

Chum Creek Landcare Group

We run educational workshops and seminars, working bees, manage a volunteers program, and provide information and resources for our members.

Clarkefield and District Farm Landcare Group

Clarkefield and District Farm Landcare Group has undertaken many projects on private properties.

Clifton Creek Community Landcare Group

The Clifton Creek Community Landcare Group formed in 1998 and the group area covers 10,320 hectares.

Clifton Springs Foreshore Coastcare Group

Clifton Springs Foreshore Coastcare Group is a new group forming during 2016.

Clydebank Landcare Group

Formed in 1992, formally as the Clydebank Landcare Group, the Group had previously operated as the Clydebank Salinity Awareness Group.The...

Coastcare Victoria

Coastcare proudly supports thousands of community volunteer groups working to protect and enhance Victoria's 2000 kilometres of coastline.

Collingwood Childrens Farm

Collingwood Children's Farm

Community Weed Alliance of the Dandenongs

CWAD aims to reduce the weed impact on the Dandenong Ranges and work towards retaining, restoring and rehabilitating the natural...

Concongella Landcare Group

Meetings are scheduled on a need basis, however rabbit control works are underway and several members have undertaken soil conservation...

Congupna Tallygaroopna Landcare Group

Since forming in 1997, the Congupna Tallygaroopna Landcare group have planted thousands of trees and are slowly changing the landscape...

Connecting Country Network

Connecting Country is a community-operated not-for-profit organisation working to restore and enhance biodiversity and improve the productive natural environment across...

Connewarre Landcare Group

Is a new group forming during 2016.

Corangamite Lakes Landcare Area

Corangamite Lakes Landcare Area takes in the Lismore, Weerite, Weering - Eurack, Leslie Manor and Cundare - Duverney Landcare Groups...

Corangamite Landcare Program

Welcome to the Corangamite Landcare Program.

Corangamite Rural Women's Network

Bringing rural women from a range of backgrounds together to strengthen networks to enhance community resilience.

Cornella Implementation Committee

Cornella Implementation Committee coordinated works in the western part o fhe Goulburn Broken Catchment.

Corner Inlet Landcare Group

The beginnings of the Group started in 1990 and aims to promote the vision of Landcare principles by working towards...

Corop Community Action Group

Group currently in recess

Cowwarr Landcare Group

Our purpose is the re-establishment of near natural vegetation (EVC 55) on the "thorpes and thwaites" of land available in...

Creightons Creek Landcare Group

Creightons Creek Landcare Group is one of the six groups that makes up the Granite Creeks Project and has been...

Crowlands Landcare Group

Crowlands-Warrak Landcare Group are a farming based Landcare group, with an interest in sustainable agriculture.

Culgoa Landcare Group

The Culgoa Landcare Group’s focus is on pest plant and animal control, protection of remnant vegetation and revegetation within the...

Cundare-Duverney Landcare Group

The Cundare Duverney Landcare group formed in 1994, taking in the areas surrounding Cressy, Cundare, Duverney, Foxhow, some of Weering...

Curyo Watchupga Landcare Group

The purpose of Curyo Watchupga Landcare Group is to control environmental pest weeds and animals, and undertake rehabilitation works to...

Dabyminga Catchment Cooperative

Dabyminga Catchment Cooperative (DCC) is the operational group for two Landcare Groups - Reedy Creek Landcare Group and Tallarook Landcare Group.

Dargo Landcare Group

The Dargo & District Landcare Group formed in 1995 and the group area covers 23,840 hectares.

Dawson Landcare Group

The Dawson Landcare Group formed in 1999 to address erosion, weeds and salinity in the area and to establish a...

Deddick River Landcare Group

Situated 200km NNE of Bairnsdale the group services the Deddick valley from Cabanandra turn-off to McKillops Bridge on the Snowy River.

Deep Creek Landcare Group (covering Lancefield, Romsey & Monegeetta)

Deep Creek Landcare Group purpose: Vision, Mission and Goals.

Delatite Landcare Group

We have a membership of landholders from around 50 local properties, with a Committee of ten which initiates and coordinates...

Devilbend Hastings Landcare

Devilbend Landcare Group invites you to engage with your land and community.

Dhurringile and District Landcare Group

The Dhurrigile and District Landcare group operates between Tatura to the North, Murchison to the south and Toolamba to the east.

Dixons Creek Landcare Group

We run educational workshops and seminars, working bees, manage a volunteers program, and provide information and resources for our members.

Donald and District Landcare Group

Donald and District Landcare Group is keen to support farmers and townspeople in projects such as revegetation of roadsides, salinity...

Dookie Land Management Group

For further information please contact the Gecko CLaN Landcare Network.

Drouin Rabbit Control Landcare Group

Residents of Drouin working together to reduce the number of rabbits in the Drouin area.

Dunns Creek Landcare Group

Dunns Creek Landcare has a long history of bringing the community together to target local land management issues.

Eagle Point Landcare Coastal Group

Interested local community members and School and other groups coming together to enhance, protect and restore the natural environment through...

Earls Road Landcare Group

Earls Road Landcare Group is currently in recess.

Earthcare St Kilda Inc

Earthcare is a practical, local environment group.

East Gippsland Landcare Network

Anyone, Anywhere, Can Landcare! The East Gippsland Landcare Network Inc.

East Otway Landcare Group

The East Otway Landcare Group membership is from the Deans Marsh, Pennyroyal and Bambra area.

Eastern Mallee Landcare Consortium

The Eastern Mallee Landcare Consotium is a cooperative arrangement made up of the Annuello, Manangatang, Kooloonong-Natya, Nyah West and Waitchie...

Eastwood Landcare Group

To contribute to the development and maintenance of the Eastwood area reserves in an environmentally responsible manner.

Echuca Urban Landcare Group

The Echuca Landcare group are an active group based in Echuca.

Eddington Landcare Group

Eddington Landcare Group was officially launched as part of the Australia Day celebrations 2010.

Edi-Black Range Landcare Group

The Edi Black Range Landcare Group covers the Edi, Black Range and Meadow Creeks catchments, down to Moyhu in the...

Eildon Landcare Group

Eildon Landcare's focus is on weed control and revegetation around the Eildon pondage and township.

Elingamite-Cobrico Landcare Group

The Elingamite-Cobrico Landcare Group was formed on July 22 1991 and has recently celebrated 20 years of caring for the...

Elmhurst Landcare Group

Guest speakers are a regular part of the meeting line up.

Elphinstone Land Management Association

The Elphinstone Land Management Association is known as E.L.M.A.

Emu Landcare Group

Emu Landcare Group

Eumeralla Landcare Group

To assist members with undertaking landcare activities on their land.

Euroa Arboretum

Since 1990, with constant dedication from a Committee of Management, a Friends group and regular volunteers, the Euroa Arboretum is...

Euroa Environment Group

The Euroa Environment Group formed to ensure that land management within the township of Euroa and surrounds considered environmental considerations.

Eynesbury Environment Group

The Eynesbury Environment Group is committed to raising awareness and understanding about the importance of the Eynesbury Forest and surrounding environment.

Far East Victoria Landcare Network

(a) to act as an umbrella organization to local Landcare groups and provide a regional voice on Landcare issues in...

Federation of Environment and Horticulture for Macedon Ranges

F.E.H.M.R. was formed in 2014 to unify the environs and horticulture.

Federation Students Landcare Group

This group is currently in RECESS.

First Friends of Dandenong Creek

First Friends of Dandenong Creek (FFDC) was formed in May 1999 by a group of residents concerned about the state...

Fish Creek Landcare Group

The Fish Creek Landcare Group was formed in 1992 and currently this Group has been classified as "Thriving" with more...

Flaggy Creek and District Landcare Group

A Sustainable Catchment and Community taking pride in our local area with total community participation in caring for the Land,...

Flowerdale Junior Landcare Group

Flowerdale is a junior Landcare Group run with the Flowerdale Primary School.

Flowerdale Landcare

King Parrot Creek Environment Group formed following the Black Saturday Bushfires of 2009.

Flynn Landcare Group

The Flynn Landcare group are a group of farmers from the local area aiming to improve their environment between Traralgon...

Fords Creek Landcare Group

Fords Creek Landcare Group has recently reformed (2015) and works with the local schools and towns people of Mansfield to...

French Island Landcare Group

French Island Landcare Group promotes landholders working together to tackle local land protection problems, by encouraging sustainable land management thereby...

Friends of Andrews Reserve

The remnant bushland in Andrews Reserve is a prized resource in the local community, used heavily by families, walkers, dog-owners,...

Friends of Back Creek

This group works along Back Creek between Cornell Street and Riversdale Road, Camberwell, controlling weeds and escaped garden pest plants...

Friends of Baden Powell Bushland Reserve

Revegetation of the Tangenong Creek behind the scout hall on Baden Powell Reserve, Frankston South.

Friends of Bannockburn Bush

FOBB aims to support and guide Geelong Landcare Network and the Western Region Ecological Network in managing local native vegetation...

Friends of Banyule

Friends of Banyule is a not for profit community organisation that works to protect and enhance the environment values of Banyule.

Friends of Bay Road Heathland Sanctuary

We care for this Healthland (and ecosystem) that is the largest remnant of Sandringham Heath, that would be protected by...

Friends of Bealiba

BPA / Friends of Bealiba community group. Bealiba Progress Association (BPA) and Friends of Bealiba Vision: To build a good...

Friends of Belvedere Bushland Reserve

Working bees: Every second Sunday 9:30am-11:30am

Friends of Black Hill Reserve

Black Hill Reserve Kyneton is a wonderful 260 acres of bush space, only an hours drive from the Melbourne CBD.

Friends of Boggy Creek

In 1996, the Friends of Boggy Creek was established through the Langwarrin Community Project to protect Boggy Creek.

Friends of Box Ironbark Forests

The Friends of the Box-Ironbark Forests was formed to lobby for a Box-Ironbark National Park in 1998.

Friends of Bradshaw Bushland Reserve Inc

Bradshaw Bushland Reserve needs friends! All welcome! If you would like to help, or learn about bush regeneration, or just...

Friends of Braeside Park

Propogating Group Meets: Braeside Park, Dingley (Melway ref: 88 D8), on the 1st Saturday, 1st Monday, 3rd Wednesday and 3rd...

Friends of Brighton Dunes

Tuesday morning 8:00am-10:00am weekly working bee.

Friends of Brisbane Ranges

The Friends of Brisbane Ranges is an active group which began in 1982.

Friends of Brisbane Ranges

Please check out the our website for all upcoming events, newsletters and contact details including our Wildflower Show

Friends of Buckleys Nature Conservation Reserve

Meet: Monthly. Activity: Environmental - weed control and revegetation.

Friends of Bungalook Conservation Reserves

Meetings: 2nd Saturday of the month. Time: 9.30am to approximately lunchtime (morning tea around 11am).

Friends of Bunyip State Park

Meet: First Saturday of each month from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm at Bunyip State Park, Gembrook (Melway ref: 512 S5).

Friends of Burke Road Billabong

This group works to re-establish indigenous vegetation at the Burke Road Billabong site.

Friends of Campbells Creek

All our information, including upcoming events is now at

Friends of Cape Nelson Landcare

Friends of Cape Nelson Landcare / Coastcare aims to maintain improve and promote the Cape’s great environmental assets and tourist...

Friends of Cardinia Creek Sanctuary

The Friends of Cardinia Creek Sanctuary (FOCCS) formed in March 1998.

Friends of Cherry Lake

Do you live near or use Cherry Lake? Or would you like to do something good for the environment? YES.

Friends of Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park

Friends of Chiltern Box and Ironbark National Park, is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the Park.

Friends of Collins Settlement Historic Site

Meet: Third Friday of every month at 1.30 pm. Activity: Environmental. Revegetation and weed control at Collins Historic Site.

Friends of Coolart

The Friends of Coolart Inc. is a volunteer organisation which supports Parks Victoria in the promotion, preservation and enhancement of...

Friends of Daangean (Devilbend)

Meet: Last Sunday of the Month 9:30-12:30. Activity: Hand weeding with an annual Planting day.

Friends of Daly Nature Reserve

Daly Nature Reserve is an integral part of the Gisborne township.

Friends of Dandenong Ranges National Park

Care of the native reserve through weed management, planting and litter control.

Friends of Dandenong Valley Parklands Inc

Formed in 1989, we are a community group that assists Parks Victoria conserve and protect the natural environment of the...

Friends of Darebin Creek

The Friends of Darebin Creek was formed in 1994 to protect, restore and conserve the Darebin Creek and its adjacent...

Friends of Diamond Bay

Meet: First Friday of each month from 9.00 am at Diamond Bay, Mornington Peninsula National Park. Activity: Weeding, revegetation, erosion control.

Friends of Dimmicks Bushland Reserve

Meet: 1st Sunday each month at 10am (Carslake Ave)

Friends of Donald Macdonald Reserve

Working Bee: 10 - 12am on the first Sunday of each month.

Friends of Edgars Creek

FoEC is a not-for-profit volunteer organisation based in melbourne that focuses on improving the water quality and surroundings of the...

Friends of Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands

Working bees: First Sunday of the month 10:00am-Noon

Friends of Edwardes Lake

The Friends of Edwardes Lake is a local group who aim to preserve, restore and care for the ecosystems of...

Friends of Edwards Point Reserve

Edwards Point State Faunal Reserve fringes the southern edge of St Leonards near Beach St.

Friends of Eltham West Drain

The Friends of Eltham West Drain was formed in 2002 with a group of people who live near this typically...

Friends of Emu Bottom Wetlands Reserve

Emu Bottom Wetlands Reserve was once part of the historic Emu Bottom Run, of which the homestead, Victoria's oldest, still...

Friends of Felltimber Creek

Our focus is on Swainsona Reserve, part of McFarlanes Hill, and sections of Fellimber Creek from Moorefield Park Drive upstream...

Friends of Footscray Park

Community group of volunteers working for the benefit of Footscray Park.

Friends of Forrest Tiger Rail Trail

The Tiger Trail has been named after a Dodge auto-mobile that was converted to carry passengers on the Birregurra to...

Friends of Frankston Reservoir Inc

The Friends of Frankston Reservoir Inc.

Friends of Gardiners Creek Valley Inc

Re-establishing indigenous flora and habit for indigenous fauna, adjacent to Gardiners Creek in Glen Iris, Melbourne.

Friends of Gisborne Botanic Gardens

Meetings: last Monday of the month at 8pm

Friends of Glass Creek Parklands

This group works on helping maintain and improve the informal areas of Stradbroke Park

Friends of Glenfern Valley Bushlands

We are a well-established and active group who are rehabilitating a 40 hectare bushland reserve.

Friends of Greenwich Bay

Friends of Greenwich Bay Inc is a group of local people dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Greenwich Bay's...

Friends of Hamilton Coleraine Rail Reserve

Friends of Hamilton-Coleraine Rail Reserve, under the guidance of the committee of management, are working towards conserving, maintaining and enjoying...

Friends of Herring Island

Herring Island is an important environmental and recreational asset in Melbourne's inner suburbs.

Friends of Holden Flora Reserve

The Friends of Holden Flora Reserve are a group of enthusiastic, like-minded individuals committed to ensuring that the Reserve is...

Friends of Jacksons Creek

This group has performed extensive works along the town's greatest natural asset, Jacksons Creek, linking public open space with recreational...

Friends of Kalimna Park

To view and download  a map of Kalimna Park showing park boundaries and all of the walking trails visit the...

Friends of Koolunga Native Reserve

New members welcome & needed! Our priorities: 1. Preserve the diverse flora of Knox 2. Improve habitat for wildlife 3.

Friends of Kooyoora

The Friends of Kooyoora is a group of people with an interest in supporting the Kooyoora State Parks Victoria.

Friends of Land and Water Landcare Group

The Friends of Land and Water Landcare Group is a bunch of not-so-young people who live in the Lifestyle Village...

Friends of Leadbeater's Possum

The Threatened List under the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 has been aligned with the Commonwealth EPBC List.

Friends of Lower Kororoit Creek

Friends of Lower Kororoit Creek (FOLKC) was incorporated in April 2001 and held its first planting on 3rd June 2001.

Friends of Malcolm Creek

Helps to keep up the environmental quality of Malcolm Creek through activities including input to the management strategy, planting and...

Friends of Marysville Walks

Narbethong Holly Control Project. The Friends of Marysville Walks is part of the Upper Goulburn Landcare Network and have been...

Friends of McCormack Park

The Friends of McCormack Park are focused on enhancing their residential park and creek by creating new planting beds full...

Friends of Merri Creek

Friends of Merri Creek are a community group that has actively worked since 1988 to restore and protect the Merri...

Friends of Mount Eliza Regional Park

Meet: 4th Sunday of month from 10am at Quarry Reserve Picnic Area, Two Bays Road

Friends of Mount Gisborne

The Friends of Mount Gisborne Bushland Reserve, as a sub group of Gisborne Landcare, collaborate with the Macedon Ranges Shire...

Friends of Mount Worth State Park

The Friends of Mt Worth was formed in 1981 under the leadership of Jack Brooks.

Friends of Mud Islands

Are a nonprofit, volunteer group established in December 1992 to assist in the care, maintenance and preservation of the Mud...

Friends of Mullum Mullum Wetlands

Mullum Mullum Wetlands are situated on entry to Mansfield, associated with both road and railway drainage they provide valuable habitat...

Friends of Native Wildlife Inc

Friends of Native Wildlife are Bayside (Melbourne, Australia) residents active in conserving local native fauna.

Friends of Newport Lakes

Our mission is to be at the forefront of maintaining, protecting and promoting respect for the whole of the Newport...

Friends of Pallisters Reserve

Facebook page: Pallisters Reserve is private land owned by Trust for Nature.

Friends of Picnic Point Reserve Landcare Group

The Friends Of Picnic Point Reserve Landcare Group or FOPPR, formed in mid 2008 and the group focuses their attention...

Friends of Plenty Gorge

The group contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the natural environment through tree planting, nest box programs, weeding and...

Friends of Point Nepean National Park

Meet: First and third Tuesday of each month from 1.30pm - 4.30pm at Quarantine Station, Point Nepean National Park.

Friends of Pryor Park

Pryor Park was initially created in the early 1930s for public purposes and public recreation by the City of Ballarat...

Friends of Ralph Illidge Sanctuary

The Friends of Ralph Illidge Sanctuary are a small group of dedicated people responsible for the management of the property...

Friends of Ricketts Point Landside

Working Bees - 3rd Tuesday of month 1pm-3pm.

Friends of Riley Street Natural Reserve

Our Committee members are dedicated to making this once wasteland into a flourishing bush land.

Friends of Sages Cottage Bushland and Wetland

This Friends Group meets weekly (generally a Thursday) and monthly (first Saturday of the month) to undertake rehabilitation and restoration...

Friends of Sassafras Creek Inc (FOSC)

We work in The Sassafras Creek Nature Conservation Reserve from the Sassafras Township along the Sassafras Creek and its tributary...

Friends of Scotchmans Creek and Valley Reserve

The Friends of Scotchmans Creek and Valley Reserve Inc.

Friends of Skeleton Creek

The Friends of Skeleton Creek & Altona Bay Wetlands Inc.

Friends of St Kilda Botanical Gardens

The St Kilda Botanical Gardens are bounded by Blessington, Herbert, Dickens and Tennyson Streets, St Kilda.The Gardens were first established...

Friends of Stony Creek

In May 1993 Greening Footscray became Friends of Stony Creek and has worked ever since to restore the native vegetation...

Friends of Taylors Park

Friends of Taylor Park is a group of volunteers who have been helping to maintain the park for over thirty...

Friends of the Bluff

The Friends Of The Bluff are a group of volunteers formed in 1994.The members have a common interest caring for...

Friends of The Grange

Location Osborne Ave, Westall Melway Map 78 F8

Friends of the Great South West Walk

Landcare Cape Bridgewater This long-term land care program extends restoration of severely eroded areas on Cape Duquesne and north of...

Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater

The Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater formed in May 1989 when the population of the Helmeted Honeyeaters reached a critically...

Friends of the Maribyrnong Valley Inc.

Friends of the Maribyrnong Valley Inc.

Friends of the Mitta

The Group works to protect and improve the Upper Mitta by managing willow and other weeds along the Mitta Mitta Gorge.

Friends of the Organ Pipes National Park

The Organ Pipes National Park is situated off the Calder Freeway, almost opposite the Speedway and contains one of Melbourne's...

Friends of The Pines Flora & Fauna Reserve

Meet: The third Sunday of each month. Meet at Excelsior Carpark. Activity: Environmental - weed control and revegetation.

Friends of the Portland Loreto Reserve Inc.

Our purpose is to conserve, protect and enhance the natural values of this bushland reserve.

Friends of the Surry

Friends of the Surry Inc.’ was formed in November 2006 to create a strong voice for the protection of the...

Friends of the Yarrowee

The Friends of the Yarrowee River is a community group that aims to work actively to restore and protect the...

Friends of Toolern Creek, Friends of Toolern Vale

Friends of Toolern Creek are a community group actively working to preserve and restore the environment of Toolern Creek Anyone...

Friends of Tozers Reserve

Over 100 species of native flora have regenerated in this 20 hectare Plains Grassy Woodland and Swampy Scrub.

Friends of Truganina Park

Truganina Park was once the Altona Landfill tip, but is now a wonderful recreation and conservation park. A key feature...

Friends of Turtons Creek

The Friends of Turtons Creek aim to protect and enhance the area surrounding Turtons Creek, north of Foster.

Friends of Upper Moonee Ponds Creek

Helps to keep up the environmental quality of Moonee Ponds Creek through activities such as planting and information sessions.

Friends of Upper Nicholson Catchment Inc (FUNCi)

The purpose of FUNCi is: - To better understand, monitor and preserve the biodiversity and cultural heritage of our local...

Friends of Uralla Nature Reserve

Friends of Uralla volunteers are community members who are interested in preserving the Reserve so that we can all enjoy...

Friends of Wallace Reserve

Working bees: Third Sunday each month 9.00am - Noon, and then also on the following Wednesday

Friends of Walmer Street Bushland

Aims: To revegetate an area along the river: planting, weeding and general maintenance.

Friends of Warrandyte State Park

FOWSP is a volunteer group of 324 families, with a mutual interest in the conservation and rehabilitation of native bushland...

Friends of Watkins Bay

Working bees: 1:00 pm-3:00 pm on the last Wednesday of the month (except January & February 9:00-11:00am).

Friends of Werribee Park

FOWP supports an altruistic environment for volunteers enabling the development of skills and knowledge for individual growth supporting our quest...

Friends of Werribee River through Bacchus Marsh

We're bringing the community together to re-vegetate, control weeds and generally improve the banks of the Werribee River as it...

Friends of Westgate Park

Friends of Westgate Park group is made up of enthusiastic people, passionate about Westgate Park and the natural environment.

Friends of Wildlife Reserves Group Inc

There are a great variety of activities available for members of the Friends Group that cater for all levels of...

Friends of Willow Park

Educating and involving the community in protecting, preserving and valuing parklands. Friends of Willow Park formed to promote the protection...

Friends of Wrights Forest

Meeting Times: 4th Sunday at 10am

Friends of Wurundjeri - Hawthorn Historical Society

This group works on the banks of the Yarra in Wurundjeri Gardens, Glan Avon Road, Hawthorn to re-establish indigenous plants...

Friends of Yarra Valley Parks

The Friends of the Yarra Valley Parks is a community group whose focus is the protection, restoration adn enhancement of...

Garibaldi Landcare Group

The Garibaldi Landcare Group runs a wide range of activities which have a community capacity building and environmental focus.

Gazette Land Action Group

The Gazette Land Action Group is very passionate about its community and the environment.

Gecko CLaN

The Gecko CLaN is an umbrella organisation which encompasses Landcare groups stretching from Yarrawonga to Avenel to Nagambie.

Geelong Environment Council

The Geelong Environment Council Inc. (GEC) was formed in 1972 to assist in the protection of the environment in and...

Geelong Landcare Network

Please go to our website for up to date information.

Gelantipy Landcare Group

The Gelantipy Landcare Group formed in 1998 and the group area covers 10,490 hectares.

Gerangamete and Forrest Landcare Group

The Gerangamete Flats Landcare Group was formed in 1993 by five farming families along Dewings Bridge Road, Gerangamete.

Gippsland Agroforestry Network Landcare SubGroup

Under the auspices of the Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network, the Gippsland Agroforestry Network or GAN is a Special Interest sub-group...

Gippsland Intrepid Landcare

Gippsland Intrepid Landcare is a volunteer group, led by passionate, creative and energetic young people, based in Gippsland Victoria.

Gippsland Plains Rail Trail Committee of Management

The Gippsland Plains Rail Trail Committee of Management was first appointed in 1999.

Gippsland Threatened Species Action Group

Established in September 2021, the Gippsland Threatened Species Action Group is a group of passionate individuals with an interest in...

Girgarre Stanhope Landcare Group

In June 1986 the Girgarre Salinity Study Group was formed by a group of farmers who had experienced high watertable...

Gisborne Landcare Group

Community consultations in 2017 brought together interested people from the greater Gisborne area with an interest in Landcare and the...

Glenaladale Landcare Group

The Glenaladale Landcare Group formed in 2004 and the group area covers 10,639 hectares.

Glenaroua Land Management Group

Glenaroua Land Management Group Inc. (GLMG) is one of the original Landcare Groups in the region (formed: July 1988).

Glenelg Hopkins Landcare Program

Glenelg Hopkins CMA aims to support volunteers and landholders to undertake actions that improve the condition of our environment and...

Glengarry Landcare Group

The Glengarry Landcare Group are a passionate bunch of local legends aiming to improve the environment within their region.

Glenlyon Upper Loddon Landcare Group

GULLG operates between Coomoora, Denver, the Upper Loddon State Forest and the Wombat State Forest.

Glenmaggie Seaton Landcare Group

With Landcare type activities dating back to the early-mid 1980's, the Glenmaggie Seaton Catchment Group is one of the earlier...

Global Landcare

Global Landcare is a not-for profit organisation registered with the Australian government (as an incorporated organisation), which supports overseas communities...

Golden Point Landcare Group

The Golden Point Landcare Group started in 1994.  Members of the group live in the Forest Creek Valley, which adjoins...

Goomalibee Landcare Group

Goomalibee Landcare Group is bordered by the township of Benalla, the Broken River and Hume Freeway.

Goongerah Landcare Group

This group covers the Brodribb River valley for an area of approximately 50km2 at Goongerah.

Gooram Valley Landcare Group

Gooram Valley Landcare Group has a strong focus on the engagement of new land holders and emerging weeds in the region.

Goulburn Murray Landcare Network

Goulburn Murray Landcare Network is a voluntary, community run forum, operating within the Agricultrual Floodplains Area, located in the Goulburn...

Goulburn Valley Environmental Group

The Goulburn Valley Environment Group Inc.

Goulburn Valley Tree Group

The Goulburn Valley Tree group has a native plant nursery at 4-6 Kerford St Tatura, which sells about 40,000 plants...

Granite Creeks Project

The Granite Creeks Project is a collective of 6 groups within the Gecko CLaN network near Euroa: Balmattum/Sheans Creek Landcare...

Great Western Landcare Group

The group gathers quarterly at member's properties for a meeting and BBQ.

Greendale Wombat Landcare Group

our aim is to protect our farm environment from weed invasion, and to enhance the soils for sustainable land-use.

Greening of Riddell

Greening of Riddell is a volunteer group which has taken responsibility for the rehabilitation and maintenance of Wybejong Park as...

Greenlink Sandbelt

Greenlink Sandbelt is an Indigenous plant nursery specialising in plants for the Sandbelt region of Melbourne.

Greenlink Yarra Bend

Meets: First and third Sunday of the month at Deep Rock Road 10am -12pm.

Greta Valley Landcare Group

This group covers a major part of the lower King River and Fifteen Mile Creek catchments from Upper Myrrhee and...

Growing Friends of Yarra Bend Park

Meets: Every Wednesday 10am -12pm at the Yarra Bend Park Nursery (behind VINC).

Guildford Upper Loddon Landcare Group

The Guildford and Upper Loddon Landcare Group formed in 1995 and covers approximately 650 square kilometres, including the 25 km...

Hallston Regenerative Landcare Group

The Hallston Regenerative Agricultural Group (HRAG) is located in Hallston. It is supported by and auspiced by South Gippsland Landcare Network.

Hamilton-Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group

The Hamilton - Coleraine Railway Line Landcare Group (HCRLG) consists of 46 members that have private land adjoining or nearby...

Harcourt Valley Landcare Group

Harcourt Valley Landcare Group is an active community group of volunteers of all ages dedicated to preserving and revitalizing Harcourt...

Harston Community Landcare Group

This group was initially formed in 1998 because of an increasing salinity and drainage problem, contributing to high Watertables it...

Hasties Creek Landcare Group

Hasties Creek Landcare Group

Heathcote Landcare Group

The Heathcote Landcare Group formed in 2017, as local community member were looking to undertake riparian restoration projects along McIvor...

Heathmont Bush Care

Our group meets up on the first Sunday of the month in several sites around Heathmont.

Hedley Landcare Group

The Hedley/9 Mile Landcare Group - currently in recess located just west of Yarram and takes in the important ecological...

Heytesbury District Landcare Network

Grass roots level, community led natural resource management, striving to enhance, restore and protect local agricultural land, soil health, waterways...

Highlands Landcare Group

Highlands Landcare Group no longer meets on a monthly basis. It functions as a sub committee of the Hughes Creek...

Hindmarsh Landcare Network

The Hindmarsh Landcare Network (HLN) is an example of local people taking action and achieving success.

Hodgsons & Horseshoe Creeks Landcare Group

The Group covers the catchments of the Hodgsons and Horseshoe Creeks, surrounding Tarrawingee and Everton. The Hodgson's and Horseshoe Creeks Landcare...

Home Creek-Spring Creek Landcare Group

Home Creek Spring Creek Landcare Group cares for one of the largest catchments in the Upper Goulburn Landcare Network and...

Honeysuckle and Spring Creeks Landcare Group

The group covers the catchments of Honeysuckle Creek and Spring Creek east of Tallangatta.

Hopetoun Landcare Group

The Hopetoun Landcare Group covers an area of approximately 42,200 hectares at the end of the Yarriambiack Creek system.

Hopkins Falls Landcare Group

To undertake environmental actions at Hopkins Falls and surrounding area.

Hordern Vale Glenaire Landcare Group

The Hordern Vale Glenaire Landcare Group extends from Lavers Hill to Cape Otway.

Horsham Urban Landcare Group

The Horsham Urban Landcare Group is established to: a) coordinate family friendly activities to encourage community involvement in the protection...

Howqua Valley Landcare Group

Howqua Valley Landcare group has been established for more than ten years.

Hughes Creek Catchment Collaborative

The Hughes Creek Catchment Collaborative is an umbrella group administrating the finances and coordinating the activities of four landcare groups.

Hughes Creek Landcare Group

Landcare Area covering the lower reaches of the Hughes Creek Catchment from Tarcombe , Bungle Boori through to the Hume...

Huon Creek Landcare Group

This group covers the catchment of the Huon Creek on the southern edge of Wodonga.

Hurstbridge Landcare

Hurstbridge Landcare (HDL) is a community group that formed in 2015.

Indigenous Flora & Fauna Association

The IFFA is dedicated to the future of Australian flora and fauna, whether in habitats of world heritage quality or...

Indigo Valley Landcare Group

The Indigo Creek Landcare Group covers the whole catchment of the Indigo Creek, through Barnawatha to the Murray River.

Intrepid Landcare Inc

Intrepid Landcare aims to provide a platform to promote all environmental volunteer opportunities for young people across Australia with a...

Invergordon and District Environment Landcare Group

Group currently in recess. IDEAL was formed in May 1992.

Ironbark Gully Friends Landcare Group

We are children, women, men; family, neighbours, friends.

Irrewarra Farmcare Group

The Irrewarra Farmcare Group is made up of landholders in the Irrewarra, Beeac and Murdeduke area.

Jacksons Creek EcoNetwork

Jacksons Creek EcoNetwork (JCEN) is a network of 11 Landcare and Friends Groups along Jacksons Creek and its tributaries, including...

Jallukar Landcare Group

Jallukar Landcare Group’s area covers the Mt William catchment.

Jan Juc Coast Action

Jan Juc Coast Action is a volunteer group dedicated to the restoration of native vegetation on the Jan Juc cliffs...

Jarrahmond Landcare Group

Jarrahmond Landcare Group was formed in the late 1980s and became incorporated in 1992.

Jindivick Landcare Group

The Jindivick Landcare Group is an active community group which was formed in 2005 by local landholders.

Johns Hill Landcare Group

Be part of the solution! Each one of us at Johns Hill Landcare feels empowered supporting the environment by being...

Jumping Creek Catchment Landcare Group

JCCLG is a community-based volunteer organisation that actively promotes better land usage, bush protection and pasture management.

Kaniva Landcare Group

Kaniva District Landcare Group is a very active group focused on revegetation, pest plant and animal control, sustainable agriculture and...

Kara Kara Conservation Management Network

The Kara Kara CMN is currently in recess. For more information, please contact Andrew Borg on 0407 856 227.

Katandra West Landcare Group

A meeting of the Katandra / Invergordon United Dairy Farmers of Victoria in May 1991, it was suggested that a...

Katunga Landcare Group

Katunga Landcare gorup is a very active group, involved in many local projects including: - Public Pump, Katunga / Picola...

Kergunyah Landcare Group

This group covers the areas around the farming community of Kergunyah in the Kiewa River catchment, and is a sub...

Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups Inc.

This Landcare network provides the governance structure and support for independent groups Baranduda and Yackandandah Creek as well as fully-merged...

Kiewa-Bonegilla Landcare Group

Welcoming local members of the community to be involved with native revegetation, sustainable agriculture practices, picnics and events throughout the year.

Killarney Coastcare Group

To protect and preserve the coast, coastal reserve at Killarney and surrounding coast in SW Victoria.

Kilmany-Pearsondale-Nambrok Landcare Group

The Kilmany - Pearsondale - Nambrok is an active community Landcare Group covering the area to the west of Sale.

King Basin Landcare Group

The group covers the upper catchment of the King River, from the Edi Cutting, through Whitfield and up to Cheshunt.The...

Kinglake Landcare Group

The Kinglake Landcare Group is a great, friendly, local group and is part of the Upper Goulburn Landcare Network.

Kinglake Scouts Junior Landcare Group

Kinglake Scouts Junior Landcare Group is part of the Upper Goulburn Landcare Network and has been involved with the Kinglake...

Koala Clancy Foundation Inc.

Koala Clancy Foundation protects koalas in the wild through enhancement and protection of their natural habitat.

Koetong Landcare Group

The Koetong Landcare Group covers the plateau around the village of Koetong in the Upper Murray.

Kongwak Hills Landcare Group

“Kongwak Hills” is one of ten Landcare groups that form the Bass Coast Landcare Network.

Kooloonong Natya Landcare Group

The Kooloonong Natya Landcare Group is situated along the Murray River from Piangil to Boundary Bend.

Korumburra Landcare Group

The group is currently made up of 50% original farmers and 50% new arrivals though was originally 80% farmers.

Kotupna Landcare Group

Group currently in recess

Koyuga-Kanyapella Landcare Group

This group is an active group based around the Koyuga and Kanyapella areas to the east of Echuca and north-west...

Kurri Kurri Co-Operative Society

The Kurri Kurri Co-Op Society was formed to purchase a block of uncleared land in the Naringal district in the 1980's.

Kyabram Urban Landcare group

This group is an urban group operating in Kyabram main projects are: Grey Box Reserve Trotting Track Reserve South Boundary...

Labertouche Sustainable Farming and Landcare Group

Labertouche Sustainable Farming and Landcare Group was established over 20 years ago by a small group of local landowners who...

Laharum Landcare Group

Laharum Landcare Group are based on the North East side of the Grampians National Park (Gariwerd).

Lake Boga and District Landcare Group

The Lake Boga and District Landcare Group is located at Lake Boga in the Swan Hill Rural City Council area.

Lakes Entrance Community Landcare Group

Formerly Colquhoun North-Arm Landcare Group, the Lakes Entrance Community Landcare Group is located around Lakes Entrance between Kalmna in the...

Lal Lal Catchment Landcare Group

Lal Lal Catchment Landcare Group mainly works on weed control on local reserves and roadsides to prevent weed invasion...

Lalbert Landcare Group

The Lalbert Landcare Group formed in 1996 to access funds for rabbit and weed control and to increase the education...

Landcare Victoria Inc.

Landcare Victoria Inc. represents community landcare in Victoria.

Landsborough Landcare Group

The group's President and Secretary coordinate weed and rabbit control with the use of the Landmate crew.

Lang Lang Foreshore Reserve Committee

Committee of Management of Lang Lang foreshore reserve for public use and enjoyment.

Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network

Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network (LCLN) was formed in 1999, covering a large catchment area across Baw Baw, Latrobe City and...

Leigh District Landcare Group

The Leigh Districts Landcare Group is centred around the Leigh River and includes Shelford, Inverleigh, Teesdale, Bannockburn, and Wingeel.

Leneva and Castle Creek Valleys Landcare Group

This group covers the areas of Leneva and Castle Creek, in the catchments of the House Creek and Middle Creek,...

Leslie Manor Landcare Group

The Leslie Manor Landcare Group is located north of Camperdown to the west of Lake Corangamite on the Victorian Volcanic Plain.

Lexton Landcare Group

The Group’s role is to support landholders in improving the landscape condition, sustainability and biodiversity of their land.

Licola Landcare Group

The Licola Landcare Group undertakes aerial weed management on an annual basis to help win the war against weeds.

Lismore Angling Club

The Lismore Angling Club are actively involved in fencing and revegetating Lake Toolirook near Lismore.

Lismore Land Protection Group

"To engage all community members in the Promotion of Sustainable Landscapes and the Environment." The Lismore Land Protection Group (LLPG)...

Little River Community Landcare

Little River Community Landcare Group is the new name for this group.

Loch-Nyora Landcare Group

Loch-Nyora Landcare Group: Member Westernport 'Slow the Flow' Cluster (with Mount Lyall, Poowong-Triholm Landcare Groups) Geographically: Site within Melbourne Water...

Lockington Landcare Group

Lockington Landcare group serves the western portion of the Rochester Irrigation District and surrounding dryland areas.

Loddon Plains Landcare Network

A network of 18 Landcare and NRM community groups around the Loddon Plains.

Longford Landcare Group

The Longford and District Landcare Group was formed in 1999 with the priority of addressing rabbits within the township area.

Longlea and District Landcare Group

The Longlea and District Landcare Group was formed in 1997 to assist in the improvement and preservation of the local environment.

Longwood East Landcare Group

Longwood East Landcare Group is primarily made up of small landholders in the granite hills, south of the Hume Freeway...


Local Lorne community group LorneCare is a true demonstration of dedication to Lorne’s environment.

Lower Tambo Landcare Group

To re-establish the river banks, wetlands and roadsides with native vegetation.

Macclesfield Landcare Group

Macclesfield Landcare Group was formed in 1996 to service the peri-urban area around Macclesfield in the Yarra Valley - just...

Macedon and Mount Macedon Landcare Group

Our vision is for a Macedon Ranges teaming with healthy and diverse ecosystems, and an active, connected community, noticing, knowing...

Maffra and Districts Landcare Network

The Maffra and Districts Landcare Network's (MDLN) vision is for a Healthy Landscape & Thriving Communities.

Mag Dam Advisory Committee

The Committee is working to rejuvenate and improve the 'Mag Dam' riparian wetland reserve in Snake Valley to create a...

Main Creek Catchment Landcare Group

Main Creek Catchment Landcare is an active group of landholders interested in promoting sustainable land and water management practices that...

Making a Difference (MAD) for the Merri

Merri River Warrnambool Moyne Shire Making A Difference (MAD) for the Merri was established after a forum in 2007 to...

Maldon Urban Landcare Group

Maldon Urban Landcare Inc. (MULGA) has two major objectives: 1.

Mallee Landcare Group

The Mallee Landcare group formed in late 1990 and became incorporated on May 30th 1991.

Malmsbury and District Landcare Group Inc.

The adopted purposes of the Malmsbury District Landcare Group Incorporated are 1) Community Participation in Landcare We exist to build...

Manangatang Landcare Group

The Manangatang Landcare Group covers a large area of approximately 190,000 hectares.

Manton and Stony Creek Landcare Group

Manton and Stony Creeks Landcare Group Shoreham Red Hill Manton & Stony Creeks Landcare Group is an active group in the hinterland...

Mardan Mirboo North Landcare Group

The Mardan/Mirboo North Landcare Group was formed in 2002 and we aim to protect and enhance the environment in our...

Marine Care Point Cook

Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary covers 290 hectares and is located 10 kilometers east of Werribee, adjoining Point Cook Coastal Park...

Marine Care Ricketts Point Inc

MCRP is a volunteer group concerned with the well-being of the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary.

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