Hughes Creek Catchment Collaborative

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Our purpose

Network established 2016

The Hughes Creek Catchment Collaborative is an umbrella group administrating the finances and coordinating the activities of four landcare groups. The Hughes Creek Catchment Collaborative is a member of the :Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Network  Hughes Creek Landcare : Landholders in the middle reaches of the Hughes , around the...

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Our committee

Scott McKay


Janet Hagen

Regions we're part of

Region 1
Goulburn Broken


Highlands Landcare Group

Highlands Landcare Group no longer meets on a monthly basis. It functions as a sub committee of the Hughes Creek...

Hughes Creek Landcare Group

Landcare Area covering the lower reaches of the Hughes Creek Catchment from Tarcombe , Bungle Boori through to the Hume...

Upper Hughes Creek Landcare Group

Landcare group covering the Upper Hughes Creek areas of Ruffy , Caveat & Terrip .

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Our network is here

Hughes Creek Catchment Collective