Basalt to Bay Landcare Network

Our purpose

Network established 2007

We are a Network with a difference. Our work is to support and connect any organisation, person, community, or industry entity that wants to undertake Landcare actions.So we have a small committee that drives our network behind the scenes, and a facilitator that acts out our strategic plan throughout the...

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Tim Bligh
0410 529 834

Landcare Facilitator Contact

Lisette Mill
Landcare Facilitator

Regions we're part of

Region 1
Glenelg Hopkins

Upcoming events

Project activity 5 Jun 2020

Seed Bombers - adding more to the Seed Orchard

Cutting spots, spraying with herbicide and then planting seed bombs into spots.

Past events

Group event Event ended 28 May 2015

Glenelg Hopkins Region Landcare Forum

Key speaker: Mark Olive, aka ‘The Black Olive’.

Group event Event ended 25 Feb 2014

Cypress Dieback forum

What is causing cypress trees to die in South West Victoria?.

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Group news and project updates

News, 29 Aug 2016,

Racing ahead to a better hunt at St Helens racecourse.

The former racecourse at St Helens, which last held a horse race in the 1940s, is surging into the winners...

News, 29 Aug 2016,

Hopeful for 3 years funding for Facilitator to drive landscale scale change

B2B has submitted an application to the Victorian Government for a 4 day's / week position for a landcare facilitator...

News, 29 Aug 2016,

2012 Events

Basalt to Bay thanks to the Warrnambool Council Community Environment Fund ia able to run 2 new events next year.

News, 29 Aug 2016,

Social inclusion in environmental volunteering - we just got funding!

This project aims to engage with people experiencing social disadvantage to help their overall health and inclusion into community groups.

Our network is here

Moyne Shire, VIC