Greenlink Sandbelt

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Our purpose

Greenlink Sandbelt is an Indigenous plant nursery specialising in plants for the Sandbelt region of Melbourne. We are open Wednesdays from 09am until noon and Sundays from 11am until 2pm. We collect our own seeds and cuttings, grow them on and sell to interested individuals, golf clubs, councils and any...

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Regions we're part of

Region 1
Port Phillip & Western Port

Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events.

Past events

Group event Event ended 12 Oct 2014

Hands-on Native Plants

Group news and project updates

News, 29 Aug 2016,

Nursery changes

Greenhouse modifications.

News, 29 Aug 2016,

News from the Minutes June 2014

News June 2014 The igloo 2 extension is complete and currently half full.

Our group is here

587 Heatherton Road