News from the Minutes June 2014

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News June 2014
The igloo 2 extension is complete and currently half full.

We are investigating a spray trolley which would take a load off the backs of those spraying for weeds around the nursery. The one being looked at has a 25 litre tank and a spray nozzle, with the pump operated bu a rechargeable lead-acid battery.
We have had rats in igloo 1 so the delicious plants they want have been moved to higher ground.

Minutes of Meeting on 4th May 2014, at the Nursery 12:40pm

Note: New website,

  1. Igloo Extension:  progressing.  The boards to hold the shadecloth in place are still to be attached, and the irrigation system needs testing. The water is currently switched off as a leak near the big shadehouse is being fixed. Louise said that the igloo is currently not needed as we have space now that some orders have been picked up
  2. Plastic recycling:  Monash Council won’t accept forestry tubes, but Glen Eira council has said it will accept tubes and pots up to 10cm diameter in the normal recycling bins. Mary and Robyn are willing to take any being thrown out in future. The surplus plug trays will be taken for hard rubbish collections.

Nursery Report:


  • Pricking out continues with Acacia paradoxa and Austrostipa
  • Sown trays of Xanthorrhoea, Dianella brevicaulis and Thysanotus
  • Started division of Dichondra, Viola, Lomandra filiformis and some Lepidosperma concavum. There will be much more to do.
  • Taken cuttings from Greenlink, Rowan, Braeside, Metro G.C., Huntingdale G.C. and Power Net of Aotus, Platylobium, Hibbertia sericea, Correa reflexa (red), Pimelia, Amperea and Hibbertia prostrata.  Success of these may be limited due to problems we are having with the irrigation system, although we are hand watering where possible.  Cuttings needed are of heathy plants, such as Aotus, Epacris, Pimelea, Dillwynia, Platylobium and Hibbertia.


  • Our main focus has been weeding stock and sorting it into orders.
  • Water leak in Irrigation system
  • Smart Meter installed in April
  • 20 bags of plug mix delivered on 29/4.
  • Discussed a potential Open Day in October (see General Business).

General Business:

An Open Day for October was discussed with the aim of increasing our number of volunteers.

Items discussed included:

Hold in Seniors’ Week?  Kingston Council holds activities during this week.  Need to contact Kingston C.C. to find out what they are doing and how we can participate.   Resolved to have an Open Day, although we don’t usually gain any new volunteers from these days.  Co-ordinate with The Grange so we hold just after them – possibly the second Sunday in October.  Involves a clean-up, sausage sizzle, banner etc.