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Group event 27 Apr 2018

Autumn Rabbit Blitz Early Fiday Morning at Yinnar

Early morning demonstration of ways to get rabbits out from under buildings and sheds and keep them out.

Group event 27 Apr 2018

Autumn Rabbit Blitz, 2018 - Friday morning at Yinnar

Ever wondered how you can get rid of a rabbit warren in a paddock?.

Group event 27 Apr 2018

Autumn Rabbit Blitz, 2018 - Friday afternoon at Hazelwood North

Rabbits under the shed? Neighbours live close by? What can you do about it?.

Group event 28 Apr 2018

Autumn Rabbit Blitz: Saturday Morning at Budgeree

Yinnar, Yinnar South Landcare group and Rabbit Busters demonstrate ways to tackle some difficult rabbit habitat.

Group event 28 Apr 2018

Autumn Rabbit Blitz, 2018 - Saturday Afternoon at Hazelwood Cemetery

Yinnar, Yinnar South Landcare Group and Hazelwood Cemetery Trust don't like rabbits.

Group event 29 Apr 2018

Autumn Rabbit Blitz, 2018 - Sunday morning at Yinnar

Rabbits like sandy soil, make holes under buildings cause erosion along creek banks, dig under vegetation - this site has...

Group event 29 Apr 2018

Autumn Rabbit Blitz, 2018 - Sunday afternoon -Yinnar Recreation Reserve

Sporting ovals and events and rabbit holes are a really bad look.

Group meeting 2 May 2018

Castlemaine Landcare Group Annual General Meeting

Guest speaker: Cass Davis, Regional WaterWatch Coordinator from the NCCMA will speak about waterbugs (the little critters that inhabit...

Statewide event 10 May 2018

South-east Australia Aboriginal Fire Forum

"Cultural Burning: Evolving with community and Country" 10-12 May 2018.

Group event 16 May 2018

An Introduction to the Fungi of Forests and Farms

This highly interactive seminar will delve deep into fungal realms to explore the significance of fungi in our local forests...

Project activity 19 May 2018

Micro Bat Survey

Continuation of Microbat survey conducted in Wilson Reserve on one Saturday of every second month, commencing in January.

Volunteer opportunity 20 May 2018

Community Working Bee - Ivanhoe East

Friends of Wilson Reserve Inc.

Group event 22 May 2018

Not just a shelter belt… Making more from trees on farms

Farms are complex environments with many differing soil types, water capacities and terrain.

Project activity 22 May 2018

Deer Information Session

We invite the community to attend an information session on the management, ecology and options for wild deer in the...

Statewide event 25 May 2018

LVI Bi-Annual Forum - Queenscliff

The next of the very popular LVI bi-annual forums will be held on the Bellarine Peninsula in the Corangamite CMA...

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