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Group event 28 Jul 2019

National Tree Day 2019 working bee

We'll be planting understorey species at 'Carpetland'—one of the really high profile sites along the creek.

Volunteer opportunity 28 Jul 2019

National Tree Day in Castlemaine

Building habitat along Forest Creek.

Volunteer opportunity 28 Jul 2019

National Tree Day planting event

Come along to our annual National Tree Day event to help restore habitat along Bendigo Creek, have fun getting your...

Volunteer opportunity 3 Aug 2019

Winter Tree Planting with Gippsland Intrepid Landcare

Plant Trees on a steep hill.Have a barbeque after.RSVP so we know you're coming.

Project activity 11 Aug 2019

Direct sowing wattles in Honeycomb Bushland Reserve

Direct sowing is one of the easiest ways to re-establish native vegetation!.

Group event 17 Aug 2019

Direct Seeding as a Planting Method for Revegetation Projects

Keep this date free! Find out how you can plant native vegetation directly from seed.

Volunteer opportunity 18 Aug 2019

Direct Seeding Field Day in Morwell National Park

The Friends of Morwell National Park will host this event which aims to trial direct seeding as a method to...

Group meeting 21 Aug 2019

Yelta Landcare A.G.M. and General Meeting

Roll up!! Roll up!! New office bearers voted in and welcomed.

Project activity 25 Aug 2019

August working bee: Plant out along the creek

Come along and help us improve some platypus habitat!.

Group event 15 Sep 2019

September Working Bee

planting out the lower swamp area (site #80).

Project activity 4 Oct 2019

The Quiksilver team, local Community, and Torquay Landcare planting at Spring Creek

Planting more seedlings, cleaning up the riparian edge and having fun.

Group event 13 Oct 2019

October working bee

Planting along the creek's edge (site #79).

Volunteer opportunity 9 Nov 2019

2019 Maple Massacre / Maple Mop up at Budgeree Bush Reserve

Our 2019 Maple Massacre at Budgeree Bush Reserve will be cleaning up any Sycamore Maples that we find in our...

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