The Elingamite-Cobrico Landcare Group was formed on July 22 1991 and has recently celebrated 20 years of caring for the environment within our local area. The Elingamite-Cobrico group was formed in the van de Wouw loungeroom on July 22 1991, on the urging of Nabil Badawy, a soil scientist who was investigating a salinity problem in the area.

These days the local landscape has changed dramatically, although the original van de Wouw vision of shelter for every paddock and a lake-to-lake native vegetation corridor has not been totally achieved.
On the other hand, we have spread our wings to encompass a "Rail Trail to Mt Emu Creek" perspective.

Education and awareness are possibly our greatest achievements. The Landcare tentacle has spread well beyond the original membership - we are happy that our efforts have been noticed and the principles of Landcare widely accepted.

We have taken as our logo the ibis. Being so prevalent in the area and the "farmers' friend" it was a logical choice.