This project has finished

This project finished 30 Dec 2015

This Communities for Nature project involved identifying our areas of significant remnant habitats through Biodiversity Asset Mapping across a 30,000ha. The aim of this mapping was to increase our knowledge of remnant vegetation by cataloguing and creating an inventory of location, structure and intactness of areas of remnant vegetation using a rapid florisitic assessment methodology. This will assist strategic planning and development of overarching programs such as our “Corridor to Corangamite Program” which aims to protect and enhance areas of remnant habitats and improve their connectivity.

On ground works included
- improving connectivity and enhancing existing remnant vegetation by revegetating 4 hectares of locally indigenous Plains Grassy Woodland EVC species, with seed collected from local remnants.
- 600 metres of waterways has been protected by fencing. This completes a 14km corridor of protected riparian zone and revegetated corridor.
- 4 hectares of waterway revegetated with 4000 tubestock of species from the VVP Eucalyptus Woodland EVC.
- 20 ha of remnant vegetation has been protected by fencing and implementation of controlled grazing.

Projects such as these are vital for increasing community capacity and promoting improved land management practices to protect and enhance remnant vegetation and improve the health of lakes, waterways and wetlands.