This project is live

Interacting through a workshop turned out to be a great day for adults and children to learn together.

Our bird nest box building day turned out to b a lot of fun for all of those who attended.  Having the boxes pre-cut (special thanks to Tony Lawn) seemed not only to be a safe idea but allowed the day to get off to a flying start.  Fourteen boxes in all were made twelve being of one standard size for red rumped and eastern rosella parrots.  Young Amos with a bit of help from him mum Cherie made a kookaburra box and Sally White put a breeding box for a night-jar together.Lots of interaction was had by all as battery drills, screws, glue bottles, hinges and banter were passed around.  After all 14 boxes were assembled a brief lunch break was taken (thanks to all who served and bought the nibbles to have with a hot cup of soup).  We then drove to Tony’s remnant bush where he has placed several hollow logs, closed at one end, with some success.  While standing underneath these beautiful red gums Sally spoke of how to identify birds in the field and then referring to the bird book later on.  Everyone has agreed to let Cherie know how their boxes are going once in position (mine not so well – it still isn’t painted and on the garage floor) and we will be able to compare notes and suggestion for the future.   Footnote:  Wherever possible leave dead trees and limbs, hollows etc standing or fallen and if you do place breeding boxes in trees they must be checked to remove nesting material from introduced pest birds ie. Indian myhnas and starlings.Happy bird observing  Stephen Findlay