This project has finished

This project started on 1 Nov 2019 and finished 30 Jun 2021

Lakes Entrance Community Landcare have recently completed a fascinating and useful study into fire protection through revegetation. In the wake of bushfires, many seek to remove vegetation in case it is a fire hazard. However, is there another way?

The Group have found that a number of native plants have fire-retardant and/or fire-resistant properties that make them a good choice around properties in fire-prone areas.

Native vegetation sustains life, and many native East Gippsland plants possess 'fire-wise' properties. We can plant our way to greater fire safety! The Group have developed a series of presentations to cover the following topics:

Part 1.a - Introduction to Green Fire Walls
Part 1.b - How to create fire-wise shelterbelts/ Benefit of native vegetation on farms and reserves
Part 1.c - How to create a fire-wise garden/Rainforests as natural fire suppressants
Part 2 – Concerns About Planned Burns

More information, including this series of videos and brochures to aid in the design of fire-wise gardens and shelterbelts, can be found at the Lakes Entrance Community Landcare website.