This project is live

The Birds of Jarrahmond project compiled a list of the local birds and a brochure of photos. The list serves as an educational tool, a benchmark of current species and a tool to measure biodiversity.
The Birds of Jarrahmond project evolved from the Linkages project.  Its’ mission was the production of an educational tool to assist confident bird identification.  In 2008 a brochure was developed which is both a portable and durable identification tool.  It displays colour photographs of 115 of the 159 species found throughout Jarrahmond.  A bookmark was also developed and this carries the complete list of 159 birds.  The bookmark is intended to be stored and used in conjunction with field guides to access more detailed information.  This comprehensive list serves as a benchmark list for the beginning of the 21st century and as a measure of Jarrahmond’s biodiversity.
Birds are a high profile indicator species of biodiversity and good ecosystem health.  It is essential to learn what bird species exist currently before we can measure what changes occur in the environment in the future.  Jarrahmond embraces wetland, woodland, forest and riparian zones along with open pastures.  Such a variety of habitat has meant we have a wonderful mix of species.
This project was a pleasure to achieve thanks to the expertise of local ornithologists and photographers who gave generously of their knowledge and talents.  It was a further pleasure for us to have done it largely with local input.