The Friends Of Picnic Point Reserve Landcare Group or FOPPR, formed in mid 2008 and the group focuses their attention on restoring the iconic Picnic Point Reserve in Bairnsdale West.

The reserve is one of the most locally significant sites in the Bairnsdale district, with historical importance of both Indigenous and European heritage. STATEMENT OF PURPOSES?The Friends Of Picnic Point Reserve (Landcare Group) Inc., or FOPPR as we like to call ourselves was set up to help care for this iconic piece of Bairnsdale City?s public open spaces.United as a group, we will work in a cooperative partnership with the local Community, Government and Business sectors, to ensure the reserve and its environs is both protected and enhanced for all residents and visitors to enjoy.Our key aims are to improve the local area amenity and environment, whilst working to protect the ecological, geological, social, cultural and heritage aspects of the site, and at the same time creating a ?uniting community recreation space? for all.?
East Gippsland Landcare Network