An active Landcare group with a focus on the Glenelg River.Glenelg Hopkins CMA has increased its incentive rates for fencing and restoration work within priority areas of the Glenelg Hopkins region.The CMA provides grants to landholders through its Partnership Program for fencing, revegetation and other costs such as off-stream stock watering facilities. Projects must address identified natural resource management issues and employ effective and long-term restoration measures to be eligible.Generally, funding is provided on a dollar-for-dollar basis with the applicant providing ?in-kind? contributions of labour and some materials.The CMA has increased the incentives to keep up with rising material costs. In addition to this landholders can now receive additional funding if their project area has high habitat value or provides larger set-back distances from waterways or remnant vegetation, according to Adam Bester Waterway and Wetland Health Manager.